kr8 very much usually
if i had to pick a favorite
part of a woman's body

ooo they sway
and sometimes buck
the back and forth
the magic 'O'

from which springs
and life
jonesin for her anybody remember that hungry hungry hippos commercial? well, it's tuesday, and tonight, i'm going out for some hips. it's a shame she can't be there, but, that's ok. i'll just havta find a replacement 991026
crimson piles map of you

my fingertips ride the highways of your skin
the bumps and ridges of your hips
and shoulders
my lips
touch your valleys as i make my way around you
in your eyes i can see oceans,
your lashes soft upon my cheeks
and i know i will be forever travelling
in your land.
moonshine Divine blessing for belly dancers 000618
MollyGoLightly sometimes i am displeased with mine. shifting cultural beauty ideals stink. 000618
mambo swing (unboofed even) hey doll,

to paraphrase an unrelated saying:

you're smokin' if you got 'em
daxle like cinderella 000828
silentbob Lips Hips and Fingertips 000828
jennifer most times I hate the mark of my womanliness. the curves, their purpose, the unwelcomed comments and stares I receive because of them.

but I know that they are a part of me, and soon, when we are together, you will be too. because of the way we fit. because of my h i p s.

swing to the left
swing to the right
Barrett "Hips, Tits, Lips, Power" (pigface) 001107
Erin right on top of me
your legs locked around me
Our hips are against eachother
I feel your bones
I get a chill
your skin is so soft and clear
I want you to be closer to me...
Never have this moment end
our stomaches breathing in and out
Emotions are engulfing me
Our arms around eachother
Never end...please have this moment never end.
daanuh rose hip tea... a delacacy 010118
unhinged it's amazing the biological wonder...the way our hips fit together like another ridge in the puzzle. i hope my birth canal isn't too narrow like my mothers. not that it really matters much cause i'm not planning to use it. i think hips are beautiful. did you ever notice that society's ideal looks more like a man than a woman? my psych teacher last year called it androgynous or something like that. but the feeling of locked hips...that's one of the greatest things in the world. 010118
misstree the largest of the womanly curves 010118
birdmad she wore those low slung pants which exposed the upper curve of her hips if she was wearing a short enough top

one night while we were stoned, she sat carelessly halway in and out of the last chair in the place and i sat on the floor at her side not unlike the position at which a dog might guard his mistress (an analogy which is all the more apt because the most common display of affection she showed me was to run her fingers through my hair in a fashion similar to the way one pets a dog...hindsight is truly a bitch)

i rested my head against her side as she took a drag off the joint and after taking my turn with it i handed it off to the next person and kissed the soft bare skin as i exhaled, feeling her shudder as my fingertps came to rest on her knee

it was moments like this that made me wonder why at other times she seemed to cringe at gestures which were far more innocent in nature even when all other circumstances seemed no different
kardinal A part of what makes a woman. Beautiful, flowing curves. A body to get lost in and not feel the need to know where you're going. 010603
rubydee the doctor says as the baby grows my hips will flay, splay.....i think it might hurt, the transition from boyish can't-hold-skirts-up to big mama curves. 010604
badpoet rose like
spreading for you
i know it's gross
and cheesy
but it's true
nevermore sway of emotions
my side turns
each blossom
of your life
left sacred
Lindsey no matter how we fall asleep, i always wake up to find his head in my armpit and his hand on my hip. 020105
kerry mine are sharp...
lie down,
run your hands
across my hips,
you can feel the startling jut
of the bone
potruding from pale
porcelain skin.
ClairE bony hips always hurt

i can't get enough of you

even though no one fits together correctly.

sex is so awkward
Mahayana: Zakah: clovedly contured hips
soft crimson velvety velvet kiSses
blushed cheeks all whisperly aglow
clovedly contured hips
pushpins maybe two meant to be have hips that fit one another?
interlocking puzzle peices?

damn do I ever have hips. parts under much scrutiny. I cannot decide whether they are a blessing or a curse, because they certainly arent in between.
Toxic_Kisses 32"
They’re the reason no one calls me twiggy any longer, and why I can’t fit into any of my old jeans, they’re the reason I only have 3 pair of pants that fit me ARGGGGGGG!
I'm ~so~ tired of hearing how wonderful it is to have a "perfect" hour glass figure, if it were so gosh darn perfect than I'd still be able to fit into my old pants now wouldn’t I?

Sorry, don't pay any attention to me I just needed to rant.
yoink big hips are a key to my optical sensors
like handrests or something
psychobabe FUCK my hips hurt! 020119
Syrope his are so bony even though the rest of him is hard with muscles, not bone... after being on top of him i get huge sore knots in my inner thighs where we were so roughly pressed together... 020302
cheer-up-emo-kid like cinderella 020528
ilovepatsajak i want him cuz he grabbed me by the hips when he came over to give me a hug 020528
eklektic he is so skinny, he has hips. and i used to think it was so sexy...when i was "in love" with you. those were good times. 020728
good people i saw megan yesterday. i havent seen her in like 6 years. damn, she's lookin gooooood. that was one sexy fucking corset... mmmmmmm

i think she was diggin' me.
CJ hips like battle ships 020729
girl_jane I like mine; they fit me. 020816
girl_jane Kiss me, please. 020820
anne_jumps He rocks his hips around so freely and expertly that it's just maddening. 020830
devalis since I started belly dancing, my hips have become more and more important and now I can proudly say that I have the sexiest hips on the planet when I'm movin' and a-shakin'. 020831
oak barrel it's the Canadian's fault 020901
89x they frame the vagina....

damn, they frame the booty hole too.

let's just focus on the vagina
girl_jane Mine need some hands on them... 021230
ferret shakin' like shakira is what her hips are doing

she shakes them with finesse

she knocks me out with those sexy hips

she throws them in my face!

rubbing hips together
tubbing ships in all weather
flubbing up in every way
mubbing it up, every day

wiggly waggly hips
they make me fell like getting hips are sexy
they make me feel like a tub of jello blobs are deadly
i want your hips because they remind me of the other day i had sex with your hips
i want your hips baby. hips hips hip HIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now that i've said hips 13 times, it sounds weird in my head, i guess it's time to turn around and get some
Lindsey the summer after tenth grade, i was walking along the beach in a bikini top and my favorite pair of bell bottoms, and a woman followed me into the bathroom to say, "you have beautiful hips. i bet they make your boyfriend very happy."

when i got back to the beach where he was splashing in the water, i told him what she had said, and he hooked my legs around his waist, grabbed my hips, and whispered, "yes. they do."

that was one of the only times i have ever felt truly beautiful.
Lindsey the summer after tenth grade, i was walking along the beach in a bikini top and my favorite pair of bell bottoms, and a woman followed me into the bathroom to say, "you have beautiful hips. i bet they make your boyfriend very happy."

when i got back to the beach where he was splashing in the water, i told him what she had said, and he hooked my legs around his waist, grabbed my hips, and whispered, "yes. they do."

that was one of the only times i have ever felt truly beautiful.
minnesota_chris A teenage girl holding a baby on her hip is naturally beautiful. Men just look silly when they try to do that. 030317
rubydee fortunately,
the boyish hips of yesteryear are gone
replaced by wider protuberances

jutting and rakish as always
now a little further apart
perfect for holding a tot
micky jo there is a huge size difference between my waist and my hips
i have to wear hip huggers or bunch up my pants with a belt and look like a paper sack
i love my hips and women's hips in general
i use to hid mine under layers of clothes and self-doubt but now i always catch myself jutting them out to one side or another
my grandma use to say they were for dancing, making love, and having babies
i'm not interested much in babies
hipshaka Here I am humping those hips. 030727
creamylicious I am a woman and I get turned on just looking at mine. They are the essence of a woman that can make any man rise as they rock back and forth seductively over a hard dick. Hips are the ones in control....they can do just about anything if you work them right. I use mine for dancing and with good rythem I have been known to make a man shoot his load while dancing behind me. Oops! 040729
creamylicious MINE....all MINE..but if your a good boy..you can experience them..... 040729
puredream hips=babies 040729
Olivia "You have hot hips," he said to me.

And that made me happy. Both because it was him and because he wasn't the first boy to say it.
niecespieces My hips are your handles directing your ship home. 080921
In_Bloom If I cut off all my hair
And wiped the paint from my lips
Would you still know me by my footsteps, my perfume
Your hands on my hips?
what's it to you?
who go