pornboy i have a big one, 8 inches long, and I stick it into my girl's mouth each night 000506
person "k 000610
nic floppy, hard, yum 000706
-Samantha He bothers me so much, with his twisted grin and coy little eyes. He's irrestible and detestable all at the same time. He has this way of telling me what I need to hear and then using it against me. He's such a dick and I can't get over him. 000802
pervert why must you tempt me. i love to jerk you, play with you, suck you in a way that gives your man pleasure. but why is this deemed wrong? why are you there if i can't do this to you? why? 000826
sexyperotis MY girl kissed my dick tenderly. I loved it. 001102
rachel is what you have.
is what you are.
is how you base your entire being
all that is important to you
your identity
is how you use it.
not to mention how often...
and do you think for a moment, dear,
that that miserable tube of flesh
is anything more
or anything less
than a stinking apparatus--
do you think it impresses me?
pleases me in any way but sheer amusement at its ridicuousness?
maybe it is more...
just maybe it is a symbol
of all that is
and has ever been
wrong with the world.
breeders naw. it's just a dick. 001223
j_blue and despite what it represents to so many people, despite man ego, despite everything, its a pretty cool little thing. 001224
Rhin 'Harry Dick', is the name of a gentleman, who lives in my town.

As far as 'dicks' in general...what can I say? You know I love them!!!
hmmm Lesbian suck... not dicks though...
*Ziima* dick: (dik) n. (gergo)-frustino; (S.U.) poliziotto.
aka: riding whip, policeman;detective

combine them, and you have an asshole.
OuT ...York

Bewitches me.
? .... 011124
unhinged my speculations about sam weren't entirely true, but the truth remains...you are still a dick, a "rude perfectionist" in search of your dreams at any cost. so you aren't quite the sell-out bitch i thought you were. i have to say that the real truth still pins you somewhat selfish and one-minded. 011125
unhinged i think i am going to give up dick for lent 020214
from the words of KoRn YOU CAN SUCK MY DICK AND FUCKING LIKE IT 020218
ear parcel it's what's for dinner 020218
roeiboot Wasn't Dicky one of the infamous whoppers from Theta, or was he even one of their dictators or leaders? I think YES! 020403
lois on the brink can I call you dad?

disappearer i've been accused of thinking with it from time to time

i think i was better off when i let it think for me
girl_jane I really am dreading going back to school and having to see you again, let alone work with you. You will not get the better of me. You will not force me from what I love. 020814
ixix penis 040101
ballsonaburner it's what sepparates the boys from the men 040101
oren carmi my dick is powerfull. it is the source of my life and strengh. i wish to conqure all women of the world with it. i wish every women i see and want anytime will immediatly kneel before me, take it out, and begin to suck it. i wish all women would be enslaved to my dick. i wish they suck it and lick it and beg me to stick it up their pussy, which i will. i wish to give my powerfull penis to the mighty pussy god, so all pussies of all hot women will swallow it, and i mught feel their neverending all powerfull feamale energy, eternal and the center of life and the universe, and i wish i could give my powrfull penis to all women, so they may thank me and know that through me they connect to all that is strong and powerfull and completing, and so they enslave themselves to me, like the energy of the universe needing matter to fill it, fill it with my life giving sperm. AMEN. god exits through sex. 040326
zanna i like them better when they're hard. 040810
acidshank i sucked it. it was sloppy.but my good experience 050129
boner I love my wanker, johnson, willy, penis, Russell The One-Eyed Wonder Muscle, Gristle Missle, Pumping Pole of Penile Power, Bone-Her, Harry & the Hendersons (Hendersons are the balls)
, Granite Edifice, Piss Pump.(All of those names are interchange able
and electricity) 070423
talula_touge Dick by JLD 2008

You’re a dick.
But you ain't worth the ride,
spreadin’ wide,
riding high?-
you’re a dick but you ain't worth the ride.

You say we’re whores when we want a piece, when we want some love, when we desire contact, that warm, sensuous stuff that lovers, true lovers share.

You say you’re full grown. That you want a real woman, that you need someone to hold you down and help you up.

You say that you want a strong sister, a strong mother, a strong lover, a woman full grown, brash, dainty, fine, intelligent. You want a freak in the bed and a lady in the streets, not of the streets, but in the streets, on the streets when the other pretend grown folk walk by.

You say you want that real good life, that grown up thing where you have a job, she has a job, and you work together to make something better for you, her, and the new one coming along the way.

You say you’re a grown man, working hard in these mean streets to make a life.

You’re a dick
But you ain't worth the ride
spreadin' wide
riding high?
Hell, no
You’re a dick, with a crooked hook
a crooked walk
a crooked smile
and fucked up life.
You want a mothercause you’re weak, can’t do for yourself.
You want a strong woman? No, ‘cause you’re weak. Instead you want a dick whipped whore who lets you do it every which way and loose.
You want a strong woman? No, you want a woman with a strong sense of no esteem so that when
you decide
to whip out that dick she think’s it’s the world.

Yeah, you’re a dick, but you ain't worth the ride.
take your sorry,
take your whine
take your dick and ride on out
use your hand
use your ass
use some other strongly weak woman who thinks your dick is gold
Because here,
you ain’t worth the ride!
lux i sucked one last night 080310
what's it to you?
who go