)-( i had a friend once who bought a cat_o'_nine_tails so that his girlfriend could whip him with it whenever she was pissed off at him. she told my ex-wife the whole story and she relayed it to me

apparently when his lady was angry with him, she would give him a real severe case of the cold shoulder and he said that he would rather take a beating than have to endure the cold silences at first, apparently, she freaked, but then she agreed to it

plus, although he didn't tell her, he got off on it, and unbeknownst to him, so did she

he was kind of a weird guy

but then, who the fuck is normal anyway
psychobabe i'd love to have a whip although some guys just dont get off on that. sure i'm all for the agressive act and it sure as hell is fun but hey what can you do sometimes *shrugz* 011007
Steph*A*Knee let it whip 021115
scancode whip you! 050720
misstree re that first post, in my little corner of the universe, that's the precisely wrong time to be beating someone... great harm can be done with careless blows, and one should not step into such worship with muddy mind. 050720
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