psyki nothing suspicious no
bruise bugs bacon banjo belly
by the time
your presence is apparent I have but
i'm a girl ...
Nothing suspicious about one in your glove compoxment. biscuit broom
don't ever, EVER, let Steve play with your angel's wings -the radio real not at all loud and sing the song. If it's a groovy tune, you can dance a little boyish
now where is that no idea where you from, much like the sun shines in the bedroom when we play, seagull
bruises shroud
her skin and she digs
with me. pathetic me- i strum my stomach and twist my toes. make me make beautiful things.

nails into

teeth traps biting your shoulder,
and hands like vices hold
down your arms
your look is like a blade of blue flame, a luxury of heat
provides a locked freezer
that I could dream and die in. You

(at first, i thought it would suck)

that love you write in vanishing ink, pink, grey, the sudden freeze you set between our milky dreams
So do not ask me how I am. I get beyond this ache like breathing.
purple what's it to you?
can you feel tonight anywhere
Barrett Hey you, is there anybody in there
Hey pig, yeah you
Hey (heh) You (you) get off of my cloud
Hey bartender
HEY MARISSA Hey Marissa! It's me, Mary. (i.e. Mrs. Goss, since there are other people w/my name.)What's up? 001116
Jae is for horses 010223
marjorie baby 010825
Alexander Beetle What? 011029
Toxic_Kisses "Hey mister, I really like your daughter" 020207
( the = thing didnt work when i tried to use it. bastard. 021207
justin hay, hey. i can't hear what i'm saying. what? i can't hear what i'm saying. what? 030205
Big and Awesome A,aye,so like i was saying there's two parts....first you let all the liquid out and let it dry......next time you have some spare time just lying around use it to go out and find a huge small pig with rabbit ears so it can be present when you've completed the event......second soak it in warm water and let it air dry this time....HEY, ARE YOU LISTENING? 030606
tonya hey_fever 030606
me Ho 030613
no reason been trying to meet you 031230
falling_alone ...is the entire conversation 040224
ee beep peep hi 040224
u24 hey now, hey now-a-now, sing this corrosion to me. 040623
jane ♥ pixies Hey
Been trying to meet you
Must be a devil between us
Or whores in my head
Whore at my door
Whore in my bed
But hey
Where have you been
If you go
I will surely die
We’re chained

Uh said the man to the lady
Uh said the lady to the man she adored
And the whores like a choir
Go uh all night
And mary ain’t you tired of this
That the mother makes when the baby breaks
We’re chained
kelc hello. 050205
sahba hey look
this is so fucked
hmmm im almost blind now
waiting here with hopes of normal things
i think my soul is dying
slowly though so i can feel every emotion dying and when its all gone i will scream
please say something anything
anything at all to break the silence
Hilarious J Moneypants Typist? Stop typing for 5 seconds for me please... see, i cant handle it. I cant handle you ( hell, everyone .. everyone is typing but me ) just typing? what ARE you doing ? writing letters to your girl back home ? mom ? tell me damn you, im gonna break your fricken fingers... you're making me tired and your typing is monotonous. 060522
board kid hey this site is preety cool 070316
mishmosh hey...heyyy...hi....hiiiii....HELLO?.....I KNOW YOU'RE THERE ANSWER ME BITCH! 111127
what's it to you?
who go