meggie it cracks and burns and fizzles and pops and explodes and its gone, the same as when it breaks. 000304
girl_jane time for coffee... 020226
bethany once again the literal blatherer but...

coffee breaks were actually invented by advertising, it's true.
folgers did a promo back in the day, where they suggested in their ads that there be a coffee break at mid morning. they gave discounts on coffee at first. advertising a better work environment, pamplets and all...yada yada...
lesson?: perhaps if it involves capitalistic money it's an alright addiction. god bless us everyone
phil I know a kid who breaks, everytime someone asks him to break he says. Oh, oh no, I don't really break.
And then he just stops and does some quick moves on the floor. And he does break, pretty good, better than I can do. But then again I'm tall and lanky, so I hurt my shoulders and get winded, and in the end it's never impressive anyways. But he breaks.(_)
peyton every word
every single word you say
another crack in the foundation
we're ready nancy
ready to slide off the cliffs
right into the fucking ocean
hold my hand baby
because i guarantee
you're going to shatter like glass
when we hit the bottom
what's it to you?
who go