Karp This nancy person is either crazy or illiterate.

I don't understand why she says the things she says.

It's like she thinks she is saying something important, but trying to hard.

I wish she would read, or re-read the thing she is commenting on before posting it, then maybe she wouldn't seem so ignorant.

Especially ignorant is posts in:
but the rest of them are here:
I fear looking them all up because they might suck away my sanity.

silentbob sid 010419
johnny west And here I was thinking the whole purpose of blather was to be free to post anything, and not to be judged. You could easily look back at some of my blathes and call me an ignorant asshole if you wanted to. Maybe I am one. But blather is supposed to let me be one, if that's what I am.

Fwaaaaaaa. I, for one, am not offended by what Nancy has blathed. If that makes me ignorant too, so be it.
Karp --You are right Johnny west (the part about being an ignorant asshole, anyway.) 010420
denzel Johnny West an Ignorant Asshole? Naaaah! He's just a misunderstood woman in the body of a man. Share the love! Hoooo yes! 010420
tapiatrist i agree. no one interprets everything the same way. expecting everyone else to see things the way you do? not gonna happen! let's get naked! on second thought, let's get ignorant! 010420
silentbob Why are you all trying to seperate yourselves from the term Ignorant Asshole? As if any of us ARENT ignorant assholes.

No matter who you are, or what you believe. as long as you have a mouth and use it, you are an ignorant asshole and there's nothing wrong with it.
flo just in case you missed elsewhere
nancy is the sane one
alberta i don't know if the stange word chain girl has it or not, but she does seem a little less scary than the rest of you. 010422
flo i'm niether a girl nor a word chain whatever, just too stoned to make any sense, and appeasing guilt founded elsewhere 010422
alberta whoa, fair enough

do i sense some hostility???????
flo no, and this does seem to be turning into the slowest chatroom in history 010422
ex bookseller feels like a sponge.
is interested in you.
is interesting to me.
flo who was that masked man?
surely ex bookseller is some sort of secret identity.
Rael One Cloud I know a guy who used to call himself Nancy. Nancy Bitterbug Voodoo Coleslaw. He lives in Vermont, & went to Goddard College. He wrote some songs, that were later covered by Phish. When they got very popular, no one knew Nancy was just his pseudonym. They looked in the Goddard roster for that time, & found only a girl named Nancy Taube. So all these Phish heads & bootleggers miscredit his songs all the time. They WERE written by nancy. but never by Nancy TAUBE. Go to his website, and ask him yourselves. 020201
F. Sebastian Boursier She's crazier than Larry, but they're married all the same like its hidden secret shame that she keeps inside the bedroom. She wanders down a beach and a long forgotten trail, jetting off to Thailand, Bangkok, Laos and Quarter Lane. She would never ride a street-car she would never extended her gratitude beyond one meal and the service of her nonexistant legions that sit in a smokey kitchen waiting for the gravy to congeal. 020324
stevabaga I just read about nancy today in the phish companion
strange you know him rael one cloud

maybe karp needs to think harder

attempt to find some sort of pattern
in the strange set of words by nancy

try to tune in to what she possibly could have been thinking when she wrote it

before he writes her off as ignorant

and even if she was ignorant
or completely insane
it would still be an interesting game to decipher her puzzle
Rael OneCloud I used to hang around with this guy, his name is Richard, but everyone called him Nancy.
He wrote all these songs for Phish, but they never paid him.
So, I went to all these Phish fansites & said 'how come? why does no one ask Nancy his take on this stuff?"
finally someone interviewed him, btu you know what? he mentioned he'd been writing in a zine, but didn't bother to mention the name, that it was my zine.

So I should have seen THIS coming.

I was away in Georgia for awhile, & the lady I lived with wasn't so stable. She was an alcoholic, & she kicked me out in some sort of weird retaliation that I wasn't.

I get back to Vermont, and Nancy's finally gotten his Phish money. He's written me off without even so much as an explanation or a backwards glance, even tho I'm the reason they go back in touch with him in the first place!

It's so lame too, he's still on SSI pretending he doesn't have this money.

And when he sees me on the street he does this kindergarten 'oh, I see you, & I see you've seen me, so now I'm gonna cross the street!' kind of thing.

Pisses me off. 15 years I've known this guy. What a schmuck.

No wonder my boyfriend nicnamed him Dick.
floaty i know that nancy. he's not a dick, he's a A one fucktard. 030909
fritz The set was almost over, and Nancy jumped off stage into the pit. She was the most hardcore kid I knew, and never tried to be. She wore her hair differently every time I saw her. Sometimes it was up, and sometimes it was down, and sometimes neither. She had scalpeled ears, I swear the tunnels she wore were over two inches across, and her bandana never matched her clothing. She was tough as nails, could scream like nobody's business, and she was so pretty. I think she was the reason girls hated other girls. 041113
dandy thank god nancy spongeon is dead. 041114
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