silentbob saturday night.
i see a man with long hair walking. i know him to be my cousin johnny.
"your brother's a nazi."
"yeah...i know..." he sighs.
Monday morning. THIS morning.
I see richard approaching me.
"Bob, you got a problem with me, you can say it to my face, instead of talking shit about me to my BROTHER."
"OK....I don't like that you're a nazi now."
"Dude, see? I don't hate EVERYONE. I just think you should be PROUD of who you are and where you come from. I'm not a white supremecist, im a supremecist of myself. i don't think i'm better than EVERYONE, I am just better than MOST people. This is a good dough nut!"
Dustin says, "I wish we had the video camera on when he said that he was a supremacist of himself"
"Dude, No." i say. "Richard likes to hear himself talk. He likes to get himself off."
Johnny says he hopes this doesn't last.
Tank "last time i saw richard was detroit in '68, and he told me, all romantics meet the same fate, some day, cynical and drunken, boring someone in some dark cafe. 'you laugh,' he said, 'you think you're immune, go look at your eyes, they're full off moon, you like roses and kisses and pretty men to tell you all those pretty lies, pretty lies, when you gonna realise they're only pretty lies, only pretty lies?' 'richard,' i said, 'you haven't really changed, it's just that now you're romanticising some pain thats in your head, you got tombs in your eyes, but the songs you punched are dreams, listen, they sing of love so sweet, love so sweet. when you gonna get yourself back on your feet?"

thank you Joni.
moonshine Every richard I knew was a dick. 000924
Barrett Richard stopped drinking scotch, now he's not that big of an asshole.
And not nearly as entertaining.
*Ziima* oh god how I want you. 010401
baby satan a conceited shitbag! but also, a lying, shitty womanizer! never did much for me, though. then again, i'm no woman. 010808
ClairE My dad. 011214
distorted tendencies A new boyfriend. I think I fall in love too easily, but in love I am. He teaches me how to enjoy the more simple things of life. And that I am grateful for. 020123
Annie111 My dad. 020123
anika lover, friend, worshipped. 020905
starjewel His name was Richard,
With eyes a faded Denim blue.
I notice him before he even venutured a "Hi".

He was a musucian
I asked " What kind of music do you play?"
"Guitar. Mostly accustic stuff"
One thing led to another.

He was sitting there
just pouring his soul out
on blank white paper.
He let me hear his music,
there's no need for us to talk anymore.

I miss that fleeting conversation.
He's sparked my imagination.
With sandy hair, tumbling into an ocean of light blue.
A shirt one shade darker,
Cotton clinging to arms
that looked strong but harmless
With ripped denim jeans,
and a luagh that incoperated his entire being.

He was everyone I once knew,
but at the same time
he was different:
and just trying to get somewhere
in this world,
further than the tinted glass enclosed,
coffee shop.
Ian Mclelan Fan the III 040116
doc the III - full of Marlowian bombast... 040117
oldephebe doesnt have a MFA does tho damn! you lookin' fo richard?! He up at the bar on Fenton ave man!! E'body know dat fool go deah evy time his ol' lady run her mouf..he in deah tryin' to "pacify his wrath" or some shit he like to say..damn he can talk some shit!! hee hee..You smokin' man? Yeah whut choo smoke newports? You don't smoke..why ain't choo say so?!..Yeah richard..he say he don't wanna heah no "narcotizing etudes of ecclesiastical pap, warmly invoked over wringing hands and earnest expressions of empathy" yeah he gon' be up deah fo' nuther 2 hours or so trippin' speechifying and sermonizin'...wha choo lookin' fo 'im fo'? Izzat right? Yeah well he in deah... Yeah his cousin look like 'im don't talk nearly as damned much dough...
. heh heh 040128
. heh heh?!

Da shit is REEL man! BELEE daaaat!
feathers keeps me going when the cement of self-pity hardens my feet

has soul and seeks enlightenment

was once inside me

makes me believe
ee beep peep to spend time with you would be nice :) 040307
peepers richard, richard, richard! 040307
peepers i miss him... 040307
oneiros_blue you werent even 69; you made a pass at me once and i regret not putting out

now that your gone you cant disappoint me so i get to miss what you never gave me, i wouldnt if i didnt think i might get at it

did you know how alone i'd be?
what's it to you?
who go