typhoid "monday is an awful way to spend one seventh of your life" 000105
Scorched GanderSnout
nameless just another manic monday... 000414
Tank running around like a headless chicken day. 000911
moonshine whiplash back into reality. 000911
d g'bye blue monday! 000911
daxle Monday is my favorite time of year

I'm gonna tell you what I really think I like about Mondays
Cause they feel like Saturdays
When you don't gotto go to work
Every day is a holiday
I wake up when I want to
I do anything I wanna do
Can't wait for Tuesday

I really never liked Fridays (I don't)
I can't do what I wanna do (Like to do)
Sold out at the movies (Sold out)
Can't eat at the restaurants (Restaurants)
Everybody want a good time
But the bar's full of cigarette smoke
I think I'll stay home
I think I'll wait for Monday

I live a 5 day weekend
I gotta year long holiday
Thank God it's Monday
The only place I gotta go be
Is at the show or on the first tee
Thank God for Monday
Nevermind the aggravation, modulation
Gimme another key

I'll tell you why I like Tuesdays (Wednesday)
Cause the're kinda like Christmas (New Years)
Come to think about Wednesdays (Thursday)
Are a little like Hannakah (Every day is good)
Thursday's Thanksgiving
I'm talking about good living
I'll think I give thanks
Thank God it's monday
timster A bit like tuesday but twice as depressing. 011011
girl_jane -my last full day of school for this year. 020519
Sensory Mondays are simply a step closer to the weekend...but the birth of new options as it forms the entire week 021011
S3_Semper No entry til next monday 021016
Yoav a stupid day in the middle of the week. 021227
peepers is the worst fucking day of the week. you get that awful feeling on sunday afternoon. 040307
nom getting on the bus i poured my pennies in
to the sound of laughter and i dropped
two pennies and laughter pouring the rest
in saying i counted it all the driver said
you're short two cents and laughter
nom and then i was reminded
there is no bus on monday
In_Bloom My eyes are Green and Blue and Gold
For you
My hair is black and waved and soft
For you
My skin is soft and speckled and scented
For you
Somewhere you are knowing this
And I'm appreciated
Loved, most of all I know I am loved
Happy Monday my hummingbird
what's it to you?
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