Mahayana :especially horrible day to die on: 020430
spoons tuesday is my favorite day 020903
string fuck_tuesday 020903
silentbob only tuesday 020904
*nat* chemistry
double DT

what a pile of total crap
silentbob is anyone else just the least bit afraid of this wednesday? like sept 11 has been hyped up so much that you just EXPECT something bad to happen somewhere. 020908
jane gone with the wind 020908
Syrope are hard. not as hard as thursdays, but thursdays always bring the promise of friday. i dread today. tuesday the 10th. i haven't slept more than 4 hours a night in the past three days. i have to go stand in line for tickets at 5, then solid classes from 1-5:30, a scholars thing at 6...all before a test on wednesday and an early morning presentation, a paper due, and a test on thursday. i'm not ready. if i were going to kill myself this week, i would do it wednesday. i thought about it tonight, but i couldn't make myself push down hard enough on the blade. maybe wednesday. 020909
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