typhoid "You will be attacked next Wednesday at 3:15 p.m. by six samuri sword wielding purple fish glued to Harley-Davidson motorcycles." 000105
Scorched GanderSnout monday

Brad a word, like "comfortable," to have the dubious distinction of being one which it has become customary and acceptable to mispronounce. 000328
another alice barely out of tuesday. 000329
calliope wednesday
slow lazy wednesday
you're only halfway through but already half done
blurry streaky wednesday
i don't like you much
dean-bean It was the day after tuesday (and the day before Wednessday) Eustice and Hambert were hitting each other in the front yard with gardening tools. Eustice had a rake and Hambert a ho. Eustice was winning on account of the longer reach of her rake and the reluctance on the part of the ho to mess up her make-up. 000329
firefly hump day 020119
tired of having sex Wednesday night I'm making Catherine 020119
eklektic you're coming over this wednesday, the wednesday before thanksgiving. we're going to watch movies and hang out. i hope we have a nice time. 021126
Syrope 11/27/02 is another one of those dates i need to write down. "the last time i forgot who i was for a glorious handful of moments"
now it's back to just me, because he never wants to see me again
di luce On Wednesday she sets out for the past, full sail, Westward wind blowing like crazy. 030210
minnesota_chris Wednesdays are crap. The other days are pretty bad too.

Except tomorrow might be not too bad... I'll sleep in, drink some good coffee, write some easy homework, maybe work a little at the chocolate shop (free chocolate truffles, woo hoo baby!) then go to my class and make eyes with attractive smart women.
Whitechocolatewalrus Today is Wednesday, but I thought it was Thursday. I also thought Monday was Thursday. Then I thought Tuesday was Thursday. And it's still not Thursday. I'm pissed. 031210
trai my sweet, lovely holiday 040229
sab i'm dressed like a mass murderer.
they look just like everybody else
Thursday Wednesday:

Wednesday is nothing.
ethereal without wednesday where would you be thursday? 040301
white_wave Wednesday is the day i usually have to lift heavy objects. 040302
stork dady oh wednesday, the bane and joy of my young existence. how i loved thee, how i feared thee 040302
white_wave Thank god, that at my job, Wednesday has officially been moved to Monday. 040302
Expand double spare, with my forever love... I LOVE WEDNESDAYS! 040304
pete In Iceland the catholics were so uppity about getting rid of pagan influences they remained Wednesday to "Middle Day"

Today is Wednesday. It is now the evening. I just got back from Spanish. My roomate bought some alcohol. We are going to have a Wednesday-StPat'sday drink!
emmi i hate wednesdays lately. i hate them hate them hate them. class from 9-5, it's just too much like a full time job. i screen my calls and i don't say hi to friends passing by. i surround myself with this hate and just die for a day. walk like a zombie from class to class not even stopping for lunch. my cheeks burn and my tummy turns upside down searching for crumbs of breakfast. my eyes close and i don't hear people when they talk..."i CAN'T STAND wednesdays" is my only excuse. it's not even a relief when i get on the bus, because it's rush hour. and it's already dark. i just missed another day of my life. 050119
Amy Over the hump day as my teacher used to say in second grade. Back then we were too young to make it sound perverted. She was smart, that old lady.
Wednesday is better than Thursday, and infinately better than Monday.
falling_alone is not spelled the way i say it.
those useless characters should be switched around.
cranky IGG i love wednesdays
half way through the drudgery of the week
half way towards the drudgery of work at the weekend
but drinks night!

i'll be going to 6th form drunk in the future anyway.

i'm really thinking this sober thing is overrated.

is in a donttouchmemotherfucker mood.
In_Bloom 111108
We're still getting married tomorrow

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