silentbob Let's go away for a while
You and I
To a strange and distant land
Where they speak no word of truth
But we don't understand anyway
Far away
to stay
On a Holiday
Far away
Let's go today
In a heartbeat!
Don't bother to pack your bags
Or your map
We won't need them where we're goin'
We're goin' where the wind is blowin'
Not knowin' where we're gonna stay
We will write a postcard
To our friends and family
In free verse
On the road with Kerovac,
Sheltered in Bivovac,
On this road we'll never die...
Let's go away!
MollyGoLightly I like this word a lot. I don't get to have all the holidays I want. And when I do get a holiday, I drink too much and wind up bunched up on the bathroom floor. I've been stupid as of late. Very, very stupid. 000618
birdmad i should have gone to the cemetery today.

oh well
i don't suppose they'll be any more or less disappointed than usual.
grendel dammit, bird, i was gonna say that 000618
birdmad What?

You too?

miniver Holy like a fox.

whirligirl i was hoping to beat the holiday depression this time by holding off any anticipation of it, but i lose. i was fooling myself... oh, well. i'm back to work tomorrow anyway. 000704
setter I want to go on holiday.
it's not fair!
Billie Holiday got the moon above me
but no one to love me
lover man, oh where can you be?

one day we'll meet and you'll dry all my tears
and whisper sweet little things in my ears
huggin and kissin
oh what we been missin
lover man oh where can you be
Kosher and the world keeps on spinnin'
and i'm just waiting for the beginning

i may take
a Holiday
i need some time
to get away

and you tell me to stay
but i'm gonna start walking
god uh oh, goering is on the line... 010527
american steel look on the bright side, cheer up
you and me will fuck shit up
holiday holiday
namrehsif I can't drop this grudge.
Our vacation, ruined by her eyes (brigher than my own,) her hips (more alluring...) The entire island smelled of her flowery perfume - isn't that what you said?
And then to hear from your own lips the ways in which I've failed you.
Tell me again, am I really so bad?
amy it's all about the baby and the fireworks. 020808

This entry seems inappropriate, but relevant nonetheless. This fifth entry is different, a growing experience. I thoroughly enjoyed this day. One of three. # 1(yes), # 2(yes, no), # 3(yes). This day had a significant impact on my life, though it be small or big, I always seem to learn something. I learned that I need more. I need someone who’s free, no inhibitions, no limitations. I need someone to treat me like the royalty that I am. (The more I say it, the more I believe it)
I learned more in 7 hours than I learned in 7 years. Looking forward to more Chinese holidays!
nom it's "so much better on holiday" 060615
what's it to you?
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