Tess burning in the sky
woo woo woo
just for you.

birdmad "this world and then the fireworks" 000509
lizard one minute they're whispering forever into your ear, and the next you're watching the fireworks show alone... wanting nothing but arms wrapped tightly around you and lips to kiss as the harbor waves lap against your feet and the bursts of emotion rumble against your chest. 000521
Q Can't speak for the boogeyman, but I've been watching fireworks all night. 000701
grendel bangbangbang
colour-lit night sky
chemical lightning explosions
behind my eyes
whirligirl oh, my. i saw them out my window....
oooo oooo ooooo
lizardqueen It was the longest ten minutes of my life. Walking home, I thought every car that passed surely had to know what had happened. I was bleeding from biting my lip so much. I could feel the pallor, like chalk, on what was originally an olive complexion. The color had been drained from my body, even my hands seemed sick and empty, the way he left me.

That was the first time i had noticed my hands as i was walking home. The were dirty and matching the quiver on my lip. Healthy dirt had been packed tight underneath my jagged fingernails from the clawing and pain i transferred from between my legs into the earth. The fucking earth I never asked to be put on in the first place.

In the beginning I had put my hands over my face, I guess thats just a natural reaction to pain and crying and terror, you protect your mind from what your eyes will let in. Your eyes will cheat you and let in things to haunt your dreams and concentration forever. But he had pulled my arms away by the elbow, and said, "I want to look you in the eyes..Look ME In The EYES". That was before he started hurting me, at first it was the overwhelming stinging i could feel on the outside of me, but seconds later came an internal pain with every forbidden thrust. I could feel it in my lower stomach, I tried to push him away but he slid his right arm underneath my back, pulling me in closer, making the pain louder, my screams a scale for his measure. My insides felt as though they were collapsing in suicide, my mind now on the art of the bridge, tracing over the clever and vulgar graffitti. but nothing seemed moe vulgar than this, nothing was mine anymore, here on the ground, in the dirt with the bugs and the ants as i was thrusted into the fertile ground. The fireworks had boomed over my howls, my pleas for him to stop, his hushing and grunting. In the sky were the most fantastic fireworks id ever seen. They were enormous and crackling, lighting up the sky even minutes after the boom. Or what seemed to be minutes. They lit up his face in magnificent greens and oranges, flickering the glimmer in his focused eyes. Id live in the sky for a minute and then see a flash of him in the corner of my eye, flashes of him ruining my life.

I dont know how many minutes it had been since he left. Im not sure how long I lied there fermenting in my own tears and blood, with the dirt and bugs. But i belonged with them now, because he took away everything from the inside out. And i had to start all over again. I was a worm on the ground, trying not to get stepped on.

Walking home I wondered how my own family had spent the fourth of july. 2 blocks away we could have been watching the very same fireworks. From the creek maybe I even had a better view.
Toxic_Kisses Going to Ren Fest was our first real date. We ended up staying for the fire works and it was there as I set in his lap that he experienced his very first French kiss and we created our own fireworks. 011223
End Is Forevre I promised I'd see it again
I promised I'd see this with you now
Mahayana first 1's without you 020704
gbkiss stars? 020704
little fury bug
i missed them. i was in the shower. i didn't really care. watching them would've made me feel lonely...made me wonder where he is...and if he's looking up at the same ones. yeah, so i missed them...on purpose. explosions still echo in the distance. i don't care.

tomorrow, the sky will be scarred, marred, imprinted....from the fireworks. their images lingering for a while long as they can. the streaks and strands of smoke lining the skies...edges blurred and hazy...reminding you that they were wound the sky...and those are scars to prove it.
Glory Box Quiero fireworks.

Rode down to the fairgrounds for midnight but didn't make it and watched them blow from the bus windows.

But it's ok. Cuz that day I was in it for the journey.
mo fireworks can light up the sky,
with beautiful colors every 4th of july
it reminds me of "miss mary mack"
with dem silver buttons down her back,
it reminds me of a time when i was little
when i first heard that song or riddle!
moi It`s hard to believe that at a time I was frightened of fireworks.I used to think they would hit me.Fireworks don`t hit, they touch.They give you a feeling. Maybe we should all be touched by fireworks.whether they`re there or not. 031029
pipedream oh god, lizardqueen...i cried for you.

haven't seen fireworks for a long,long, long time. i miss them.
Death feeling hatred taking my axes out.

where is the m()&*%#)(&%#)& that attacked lizard queen?

If I ever learn of your existance, you won't be needing your nackers fuckwad.

you have friends here lizardqueen.

Let pipedream give you some healing sparklies.
marked . 031030
pipedream yeah, gimme one of those axes!!!!

*mixes together some potent healing-happy sparklies for lizardqueen*

i bet i could find some evil sparklies...bad-guy ones, y'know, all jagged and stingy to get this $^%^#%%^%#, what say ye?

*tests axe blade*
and get some blunt ones for maximum torture. and a vat of vinegar.
somebody whats this have to do with fireworks? 031030
pipedream getting medieval would *you* like an axe in your bum? 031031
somebody No, but if you ask nicely I can apply great gobs of Vaseline to the handle and shove it up your ass for you *smiles pretty like*

Now- back to the Main Topic: Fireworks

I was really young when we went to Disney World, like five so their are few things I remember about being there but one of the things I do remember is the fireworks show I saw while there, I got to sit on daddys shoulders and his hands held tight to my knees 'cause I was afraid of falling even after he reassured me I wouldn’t, the sky was ablaze with crazy psychedelic designs and even though I'd already gotten over my fear of the sound of thunder the sound of the fireworks frightened me but I didn’t cry 'cuz I wanted to seem brave and adult like (*sing song voice from commercial jingle* Daddy wow I'm a big kid now!) and I also knew daddy would protect me from anything bad so the fact that he wasn’t upset by the noise helped. But the Fireworks that lit that night sky were spectacular, I haven’t seen a better fireworks show since!
birdmad I remember the hit connecting and my head rocking back, it was the visual effect of sudden sharp impact to the head on the optic nerve and the eye itself.


the usual shit
june So in other words it is pointless for her to be here because they think she's a whore---but so what even if she was what does it matter to anyone?

If she would choose or not to be a whore is entirely up to her it doesn't make her a target for destruction,she is still human.

How many whores have you jumped into bed with and who are you to judge?

Oh well, I probably need to see a melon doctor or something.
anne-girl damn, they were gorgeous

with loud music playing in the background, O Canada!
instrumental, big-sounding music
and the fireworks explode overhead, falling out of the sky at me
and people say ooh, aah
and some of them are bright, and others wispy and curly
and you can see smoke rising off the water, and patterns of it in the sky
and i think it's probably bad for the environment

but it's so beautiful

i could have died happy, in those fifteen minutes
dries&hardens a fog thicker than the smell of fireworks
like singed skin and lightning screaming into the sky

and a thousand cars stopped on the night that I died
to watch carbon explode in an oxidized sky

when the rocketing stops, the fog empties the night
my body will leave golden holes in the sky
In_Bloom How many years has it been since I last enjoyed them? At least a decade
Tonight I saw them and I saw them while in the most wonderful of company
I watched the smile across your face mirror my own even as we shook our heads in disbelief that the moment really included us after all
In_Bloom Pleiades- meteor showers- lightning storms
I couldn't sleep but was rapt, eyes to the window watching for each new flash
Sometimes there were sounds of thunder and sometimes nothing at all but each flash triggered a flinch of my body

My body wrapped in sleeping arms was lightly stroked and and checked
Confirmation of my presence resumed rhythmic snoring and in those moments I knew I was not alone in my heart

Nature's fireworks on The night of nights
How opportune and fortunate to realize we're present, we're included, we're loved
After all
dafremen It is RIDICULOUS for us to regulate our lives around restrictions imposed by the timid. We are the free and the brave and those who aren't as brave shouldn't make it their mission to increase restrictions for the sake of their comfort.

We are a people meant to hold sacred notions of freedom and bravery. There are many places more suited to the timid, freedom made them available. There are ways for the timid to acclimate themselves to freedom.

It is UNACCEPTABLE to ask for us all to live the same or similar sedate lives in order to placate the more placid among us.

Restrictions in a land of free people are only for when REAL harm is done..not just inconvenience and "this isn't what I had in mind." And finding petty things just to prove a point is an insult to every American who has been inconvenienced for freedom.

It isn't just those who go to war who pay the price for a free country. Those who respect the freedoms of others, though they might not be agreeable to their ways..ALSO did their part to keep freedom alive. F--- fascists of all shapes, labels and ideologies.
. funny how phil isn't on this page telling daf to shut the fuck up about his political bullshit

dafremen I always that kid..

Ok dot. Wtf? Are you ok?
Do you tell the cops about the other people speeding when you get stopped too?

And I'm not being political. I'm trying to add color to a dead pissing contest between partisan dingbats.

Meanwhile it's all improv..a blessed dream that never belonged to you, although you ARE currently IT.
. tired of being attacked by that 'kid' every time i say something political but here you are saying whatever you want and he just bypasses

if he was telling everyone spewing their politics to 'shut the fuck up about your political bullshit' i wouldn't have said anything
what's it to you?
who go