amy hey man can i get a smile i really need one bad 990214
who me? drunken bums ain't got no class 000114
Tal mortally dumb
hopelessly numb
drinking demon rum
meet the bum
Thyartshallshant My bum is on the blather! Look at me, my bum is on the blather!
- tom_green
Dafremen When yer friend comes over to stay, it's like he's your friend whether he's broke and homeless or not. So you don't treat him like a bum, you treat him like a guest, and your home is his home.

Then when he calls yer wife a c*nt to her face and tries to dis her in front of you, that's when it's time to start throwing his sh*t out the front door and telling him to take a hike before you kick his ass or call the cops, whichever comes first. It's that moment after the C-word comes out of his mouth that transforms him from a guest, into a bum.
ass facely this man has three buttocks! 010518
sykoze my bum is on the swedish.


my brother
me Shit! i've just had a jalfrezi...

ouch! hmmmm...
waffle I love homeless people! 021210
screwing for virginity some of the kindest people i know are homeless and hitchike to kerrvile, texas, some from as far as canada, every year for a music festival.

they are the kerrverts i talk to the most
a thimble in time pity the beggar
who depends on our mercy
the bum
who can't feel comfortable in a home
the hobo
who makes his house
out of pasteboard and bricks
if we can feel pity maybe
we can feel love
. 040731
what's it to you?
who go