daxle I comfortable in your arms. I'm comfortable when I'm near you. Otherwise I'm in a hell that no one can explain. I'm only told that it doesn't make sense. 990430
miniver Carpet infestations
(Snuggishly snug).

Comfort begets self-complacency;
It cannot be trusted, pyjamas aside.
camille relaxed within the confines of oneself 000103
mika Big fluffy chairs and fireplaces!
but i defluffed the fluffy chair! and all the flames have gone to hell
in a hand basket made of inflatable cheese! where now shall we find comfort? where but in the little frozen pizzas of the microwaveable sort. That shall be our last comfort and never again will the velvet be free to roam the beautiful world of glazed sunlight and pinstriped ties!
ellen cherry charles the goal: to be comfortable in my own skin
im already comfortable in someone else's arms
that's the easy part
as Shakespeare might say,
Aye, there's the rub
ClairE want_to_lay_with_you_for_hours 020107
evolutionending far off dream 020614
Syrope is a dangerous place to be, because at one point you're gonna have to leave 021020
Boymansonbowie I'm the most comfortable with the wrong person. He is the only person I can be myself around, and he is something I can never have. 030323
qazual is knowing whats not. forgotten thoughts of those whose proposed purpose is unappealing. a subtly desire to trespass your boundaries of cotton and buttons and denim and zippers tickles fantasies only indulged by imagination. in our imagination we are all whores appalled by what we can think of.
im uncomfortable now.
imposter yes 030915
laddy buggz pajaro,pajaro were are u? 031030
u24 doesn't pajero mean 'wanker' in spanish? 031030
x twisted x that feeling where you know...everything is ok. a rare feeling for some. its that innocent feeling of having someones arm around you...ahh...i wish i was comfortable right now. 040218
Sintina all at once, I am with you.

But not yet, not yet. Wait. Just a little longer. Wait on me.

Wait. Let me get it all straight.
The emotions- have yet to wither, just changing color, must run the course, die naturally, and be buried.
what's it to you?
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