jorge yo espeako el espanish. you hablo español? when's there gonna be a blather is español, HMMMM?? =/ 991230
alicia je hablo espanisho! pero, je estoy en french now-o, entonces no remembero mucho espanisho. muy sad-o 991230
camille yo es espaniol amigos :o) hahaha
i really am hispanic. My ancestors hail from Spain..."The Madrids" one flaw..I
don't speak the language(isn't that a shame)it was lost in the punishment of my mother in school at an early age
, for only knowing the spanish languish.
In jr.high i wanted to learn so i began
to ask questions...therefore learning only nouns...i can understand a good part of the language yet don't know what word to put in front of the other.

bila con dios(dance with God)
so you see my languish is quite hillary-assed , i mean hairy assed... i mean hilarious

yo necessito queto you queo,to habla espaniol(i need like i like to speak spanish?)

eeeeeekkkkkkks chop chop?
Sothem (the anti-ROG) MI CASA ES SU CASA! 000106
b r i a n a has the amazing ability to make average conversation sexy.

rolling *r*s are beautiful.

b e a u t i f u l.

that certain someone i've been swooning over once called me beautiful en español. though i'm afraid i'm only beautiful to him in foreign languages.

eres todavía todo que me importa.
todo mi amor, brianita.
grant mmmm..
spanish is rich and vibrant
full of words that just rest in the pallete
and are cradled gently in soft d's
marjorie alicia said she made me a card.
i think it was a spanish one.
i do not remember exactly.
but whatever it may be, i would like to see it.
such beauty cannot be kept a secret.
girl the second language i was forced to take from kindergarden till 12 grade.
i dont care for it
Dafremen No se porque TODOS nosotros los gabachos norteamericanos estamos tan pendejos cuando hablamos de Espanol.

I don't know why all of us white folx from North America are such idiots when we speak of Spanish.

Spanish is about the easiest, most beautiful language in the world and it makes a lot more sense than OUR gibberish.
chanaka linguistics: not for the faint at heart. i think i might have gotten in over my head with this class. dios mio! 010216
nocturnal me gusta mucho el espanol. es la idioma mas hermosa, pero no puedo hablar en espanol tan bueno como quiero. if that makes any sense at all I will be so happy. I used to be awesome at Spanish, but I haven't taken it in two years, so I'm losing my touch. It really is a pretty easy language to learn, easier than French and I'm sure it's easier than English, at least to learn as a foreign language rather than to learn it as your native language. Apparently it's not so easy to remember. anyway, I think there should be a spanish blather, then I could get some practice and y'all could tell me how badly I'm butchering such a beautiful language. luego mis amigos 010228
Dafremen "me gusta mucho el espanol. es la idioma mas hermosa, pero no puedo hablar en espanol tan bueno como quiero"

"I like Spanish very much. It is the most beautiful language, but I don't speak Spanish as well as I would like to."

Although your grammatical accuracy was a bit off, your thought was communicated effectively to me, and THAT is really the point of communication isn't it?

Good job. Keep working on your Spanish!
nocturnal dammit! it was off? what was wrong? I've never been off before. I need help!!! 010313
florescent light I speak some Hebrew. 010313
Dafremen I've always wanted to learn.

That and bass guitar.
Lily El español es una lengua muy bonita. Estoy estudiándolo en mi escuela, pero he ido a españa y méxico, y me gusta mucho oirla tan como hablarla. Lo siento si mi gramática no es perfecta, como dije ya estoy estudiandola. 020509
poetic_onslaught spanish is actually harder to learn than english. mainly because everything is either masculine or feminine in spanish and in english the word "the" is used for everything. also it seems hard for a lot of people to roll their "r"'s. we speak spanglish at my house. we start in one language and finish with the other switching back and forth through a sentence. my vocabulary is more extended in english though of course since iam from north america. 020509
daxle I always thought spanish was easier to learn. The spelling makes more sense. Overall it's a lot more consistent than english.
Whenever I go home my mom asks me if I speak spanish to anyone anymore. She's afraid I'm going to lose it. She doesn't even speak it herself.
freakizh hola gente.

i certainly have improved my english because of blather. still, i'm short in adjectives and vocabulary (easy to notice). i officially write stories/poems and stuff like that in spanish, so i'll leave you one so you can practice (and to free myself from a foreign language).

"oda a la tortícolis"

hacía mucho tiempo que no recordaba cosas ajenas.
no miro ya las estrellas.

sus lucecitas blancas azuladas y chispas de rojo me lastiman tanto, es tan pequeña y tan grande, que con un dedo la mato y con un dedo me mata.

inclusive si la lluvia inundara todo en este momento, a ella no le importaría. un mar de gotas y un mar de cuerpos, sometidos al mismo fuego son nada.

qué decir de la luna, tan condenada a su órbita, un frida lacerada oscilando alrededor de su sol brillante rivera. ¿no es bonito como brilla sin su luz? ¿y no son hermosos sus locos, sus lobos, sus mareas, sus dietas, sus menguas, sus sangres, su masoquismo y su feminidad?

en lapsos de 28 días renace de sus cráteres para perderse de nuevo en las estrellas que lastiman como alfileres, celebrando calladitas por la madrugada, mientras nosotros tan ingenuos y diminutos, bebemos y nos lastimamos el cuello deseando algún día entender el dolor y la naturaleza.

how come i can talk/write fluid english and you old people can't? don't let me beat you.
Cole Muchas gracias, freakizh. Tu poesía me encanta - qué linda, aunque no comprendí todo. 021117
freakizh hehehe gracias
devalis en espanol Mi lengua preferida. Demasiado malo no puedo hablarla. 021118
ferret yo see tus motives inside
back off i'll take tu on headstrong, i'll take on anyone lol
ok didn't know mcuh of that in spanish
p2 the only thing i learned in spanish class
(cuz it was written on every test i got back)
¡qué lástima!
ferret i always get a magnifico, bravo (isn't that italian) or some other spanish fraze 021231
angie padre nuestro que estas en el cielo santificado sea tu nombre
venga a nosotros tu reino hagase tu voluntad asi en la tierra como en el cielo
danos hoy nuestro pan de cada dia y perdonas nuestras ofensas como tambien nosotros perdonamos a los que nos ofenden
no nos dejes caer en la tentacion y mas libranos del mal
delial te amo 030703
divine madness el espanol, el idioma de los indios y de los reyes. espanol, lindo y querido por los mas ricos y los mas pobres aunque muchos dejamos atras esta cancion por el tamborazo del ingles, asi como tenemos que ganar dinero....en eu.... 040114
x twisted x i hate spanish. it sucks. i just want to speak english and live out my life in peace...IN AMERICA! i hate my spanish class, and i hate my teacher even more. it just sucks, completely. why anyone would want to learn spanish, or any second language for that matter needs to rearrange their lives. as ignorant as that sounds, i dont care. i still hate learning to dumb language. 040218
el pajaro yeah, it appears you are having a difficult enough time with english alone.

(Of course, i have to laugh, because here's somebody demanding strict adherence to English and yet here i am, frequently mistaken for non-english speaker writing circles around you)

what's the matter,
you don't speak-o the Inglés too well there, huh?
x twisted x haha. you made me smile. thank you. :)

and yes, its me. the one who made all the mistakes! :)
kookaburra all of the spanish that i know i learned from dora the explorer 040407
milo paz y amor = ) 050409
Soma He calls me his spanish princess
And it might be true
That he has turned out to be
My unexpected knight
Saving me from when
And I've fallen in too deep
He says he loves the way I laugh
Every time he says that
And I wonder how I got so lucky
In this modern day and age
Of computers and jaded lovers
To find my own
In the most suprising of places
what's it to you?
who go