ClairE When something is so cool, in a large wondrous way, that you need a word to explode out of your mouth.

The top.
oren having two beautiful women say nice things about you. 011214
mottman this has got go be the most overused, non-descriptive modifier adopted by english speaking beings.
its prececessor - super - also became overwhelmingly trite.
lets all go back to using those succinct and accurate adjectives like cherry, cool and bitchen.
cube Here here Mottman!

Niagara Falls and other wonders of nature are 'awesome'. Some of man's greatest achievements may be 'awesome' as well, but little girls saying that the latest nail color is 'awesome' is a travesty of language...
kerry i use that word a little too much 020106
FaceNose more people should use me. I'm not that obsequious.... come one folks, get on it! 020613
Jason Reed I prefer Outstanding 031010
NoOne Awesome, a word i use ALOT, maybe a bit too much 051014
say you say me A word that I use time and time again. Nothing quite compares to the word awesome or even: awesomeness... :) 090201
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