michael milk? 980929
adam a whole week now to read henry miller cuz it's spring break woo-hoo. 990305
cold tea I got a hundred thousand colors
I think I'll go monochrome
kat cha. 990405
emma i hate how the british think this is the past participle of get (rather than "gotten"). 990429
Waldo 69 who got the keys to my beemer? i dunno 990606
Waldo 69 in the past life i got some 990606
Chrity go to:
Fire&Roses I ain't happy
I'm feelin' glad
I got sunshine
in a bag
I'm useless
but not for long
my future is coming on
is coming on
Clyde praise cheeses
praise the load
praise got
mandy to keep on going. if we stop going..then will we be satisfied with where we are? i think not. 021126
this thing I wonder who it is that would do such a thing in this world, just keep on writing until theres nothing left to wirte, until the sun decides it wants to explode, or sip some tea and we all just stop being here to type things on the internet, would I ever want to find something meaningful or am I happy just doing this thing? 030131
paul got bushels and bushels and tremulous defenestruous tribulations of trebeckianisms 141014
tail-devouring snake garlic 141014
flowerock Yes. Got garlic. Crushed and raw on its own by the clove or in my lunch sometimes in my tea. Yum. I miss eating so much that my skin smells like it.

Got love too.

garlic _ love
flowerock Garlic_love 141015
what's it to you?
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