startfires sometimes you just dunno. 001029
silentbob Why is it that girls are so cool and sweet and nice and they SEEM attainable but in reality.....arent? 001030
Snot not knowing is the best place to be. for it leaves plenty of room to find yourself, and the rest you can make up. 010430
Dafremen My turn to answer YOUR question S.B.

Girls are cool sweet and nice for the same reasons that you attempt to be cool sweet and nice when you are around them. It's a RUSE, camouflage, a TRICK and it usually works.

They AREN'T unattainable, in fact they're VERY easily attained. Perhaps one of the EASIEST ways of getting a girl interested in you (especially in a club or other social situation)is to NOT appear completely googley-eyed interested in her. I'm not sure WHY this approach works, but it's been a mainstay of Chicago social life for decades. Just look cool, look charming and look only slightly interested.

That annoys some girls who are used to getting the attention, or being hit on or asked to dance all night long. They just can't figure out why YOU don't want to stare at them all night long.
Eventually they fall into one of two traps:
1. Assuming that you must be gay.

2. Assuming that there must be something wrong with THEM that only YOU can help them figure out.

If they fall into trap number 2, you got em right where you want them.

If they fall into trap 1, well hey, they don't even know who the hell you are anyhow...screw em, remember it was YOU who didn't give THEM the time of day...no need to get defensive over that.
NinNy Nu Nu whats that got to do wiv i dunno?
ummm maybe cos that whats on your mind.
year right, it's like chasing your own tail, a vicious circle. bloody anoying,
I dunno what ever next.
bitch This is how you take over the world.
Big bombs, little bombs, and guns of all sizes.
Well that was another problem solved by violence.
Thank you very much.
YOu still get a time out.
OH yea, and FUCK YOI.
I will make you understand!
mi-fling-poo I could type something but I dunno. 030822
pithy What is this website? 040624
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