For sure! You can get them at gun shops! Most of the time! Unless it's not really a gun shop and it's infact a really well disguised movie theater! 000713
splinken jesse_custer


Casey "I believe everyody in the world should have guns. Citizens should have bazookas and rocket
launchers too. I believe that all citizens should have their weapons of choice. However, I also
believe that only I should have the ammunition. Because frankly, I wouldn't trust the rest of
the goobers with anything more dangerous than string."
-Scott Adams
*~K frequently, i think about hollowpoint bullets.

i mean, they say these are sold for hunting.

why? how many deer do you see wearing bulletproof vests?
Puffycloud You dont use hollow points with bullet prove vests. Personally i think thats a big mistake. If you want to go through a vest you use full metal jacketed bullets so that the vest wont break the bullet up. Hollow points are used to create wide wound cavities, thats why they expand and sometimes break apart. FMJ rounds are used to penetrate armor thats why AP rounds sometimes have tips that are made of something stronger than the copper jacket so that it breaks thru the armor and then lets the rest of the bullet do its dirty work easily. And actually your better off hunting deer with hollow points because FMJ rounds might over penetrate the animal and just go in and out wounding the deer for life. Where as HP rounds put all their force into the initial hit to create a large cavity blowing out major organs causing quick death in the animal. HP rounds are also nice if a crack addled knife weilding rapist or mugger is trying to get you and you need to stop him in his tracks. FMJ rounds might just go straight thru him like the deer and since hes drugged up (this is common practice with terrorist groups using mind altering drugs on their soldiers) the small hole in him hurts but he wants your money to buy more drugs or to rape so badly that he can over come the pain. If you cant tell im very into guns adiment about it. Dont be talking bad about guns when you dont even know much about them. 021231
scuzz Well Puffycloud, that's exacly why I have no comment. 021231
Puffycloud Sorry for going off on a rant there. I'm facinated by guns and how they work when i see a gun and i know the person who owns it i ask if i can take it apart because i love everything about them. LOL my friend just read this over my shoulder and asked if i wanted to be alone with my guns for a few minutes. My friends always joke about me having a fetish for guns...especially Colt 1911s. I get really defensive about guns because so many people say they are evil but more than 3/4s of them havent ever even seen a gun in real life (except maybe in a cops holster) I mean when i was younger i was scared of everything and was not very athletic infact i did a total of 1 sport for 1 year from when i was born to 11. But then i was at one of my dads friends house and they were shooting clays with shotguns and asked if i wanted to try. I was very nervous but they finally convinced me. I could barely hold the gun then i saw the clay soar thru the air i pointed and BANG! the clay blew into tiny fragments. Ever since then ive been hooked i own 6 of my own guns everyone of them i can take apart and put back together with my eyes closed. Right about now u probably think im crazy but im actually really normal. I have ok grades in school (GPA 3.7) i have some of the best friends anyone could have. So just remember not everyone is a psycho just because they have a gun. And also sometime just find a local gun range go to it or call the owner a head of time and tell him ur a first time shooter who is interested by the sport but u dont know enough to go out and buy a gun yourself yet and then ask if u could come down and he could lend u a gun and some ammo (or ask what kind of ammo the gun uses and buy some before) and if he could give u some leasons or help with it. I can almost assure u that u will be hooked from the moment hold the gun in your hands. Please try shooting a gun sometime it is one of the most fun sports there is. 030102
Rhin i own 3 antique shotgun, a .38 special and a 9mm. i still visit the shooting range sometimes if officer friendly (grumpy state trooper) is around. however, no matter how much time i spend in practice, i have never gotten use to the BANG! it still scares the hell out of me. i sometimes wonder if i could ever fire any of them to save my life. given that, my life would be in even more danger, should i ever decide to pull one out in defense. 030102
Puffycloud Yeah i've shot .38s before i don't like them that much either i prefer rifles. I have 2 .22 handguns, 2 .22 rifles, and 1 shotgun. and most recently i got a .50 caliber flintlock musket that was my great uncles or soemthing like that it was custom made. 030102
Puffycloud Oh yeah and my Armalite AR-10 is on order. Can't wait. 030102
phil Go ahead and ask me.
I know way too much about guns.
phil and I wrote jill on my hand, for no reason. boogly indeed. 030120
bork ive never met an american who didnt like guns... 040809
nate yeah you people and your stereotyping americans with the word gun. asside from hunting, how many people have actually used a gun for its intended purpose. i am in the military but i think that its sad that you arent "american" if you dont have a gun. why have aromor piercing bullets if deer dont wear bullet proof vests... 041231
just a thought go ahead the whales, save the earth,kill the babies

oh by the way pass me another plate of meat, poultry, fish

i keep forgetting you only eat vegetables because they are grown, not killed...but come to think of it ..they are dead vegetables...they gave up their life for you to survive

without guns how could we govern this country?

everyone knows that guns are a choice,
owning a gun does not make one person any more american than anyone else..

being american is a strong belief for a country and it's people..
Myrrdin Something you shouldn't let your angry wife carry ertehrthe 060922
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