typhoid go away.
your not wanted here
with your screaming sirens.. and your noise. you never know whats inside. you dont even want to look. just own.
fuck off.
Silent Bob cops are not heros. they are normal people. they are people who want authority over other people, so they become officials. sometimes people who like authority are people who DON'T like minorities in their country. so they become cops. cops are not judges but they judge people constantly.
They pull people over just because they are black, mexican, or teenagers. Prejudice. Racist. Sexist. Assholes.
Silentbob I was taught that the cops are our friends. I'd wave to them and they'd smile and wave back. when i got older they stopped waving to me. I was suddenly their enemy.
moonshine And they make you eat flashlights! 000615
birdmad they stop me all the time.
now that i'm not guilty of anything i can be prosecuted for anymore.

(thank the heavens for the statute of limitations)

and the things i was guilty of in those days were much more sophisticated than the pedestrian, penny-ante horseshit that they roust me for now.

but those are my secrets to keep
typhoid they follow me around everywhere but rarely bother me..
customs people, on the other hand.. and airport security ;)
mushroomman one time, i was just walking down the street i live on, and three cop cars one of 'em a K9, cornered me at the corner They said they were looking for someone, what i think is that they were bored and decided to fuck with my head.
they let me go they didn't even give me an FI card..
Dafremen My neighbor is one. He drives a "justice blue" PT-Cruiser.
I often wonder if he can smell the sh*t I smoke in the bathroom.
clothesline Fucking cops.
They should be shot and pissed on.
Stapley agrees, amazingly.
Effingham Fish Nobody cares when they do their job right. I feel sorry for the guys, but what do I know. 020121
Annie111 must be a fucking tough job, dealing with the dregs of society constantly. i don't envy them. i don't excuse it when they do dumb, racist, sexist, asshole shit, but i admire them for when they do their job right-- because you never hear about that, do you? 020121
phil Wear your raincoat!
They've got their guns
I have my court appointed attourney and my kidney in a plastic bag

School kid shot, shooting at the dog, cop gets off, uncharged.

Come arrest me for calling "the day of"

They should be lobotomized instead of deputized. Oh shit, he's got a tazer,
that means he'll use it this time. Car load of students. Stand on a street corner, and smell jelly roles in the morning.

Tainted buffallo donut
volume off of the tv. Behind bars all you punks, don't stop till we've searched the trunk.

So you have a friend, his name is Brian, you know his name? Brian, he's popular guy, you seen him around. Silence....Silence....get on the ground!!!

*The foundation
of corruption.*
Looking at me
eyes drueling
"I am here just looking for THE facts"
Get out little piggy
before the wolf comes back.
phil They should be lobotomized instead of deputized. Oh shit, he's got a tazer, that means he'll use it this time.
Car load of students.
Stand on a street corner, and smell jelly roles in the morning.
Soulbird always around when u dont want em to be, never around when u need em.Always pull u over when u drive a hot car, always.They also always think u are lieing.Thinking of using the excuse of having to shit myself next time I get nailed for speeding, think it will work? hmmm just a brain fart for you, 020611
myriadmoods nothing worse than a bad cop.most need an education in humanities and ethics and morals.not just criminal justice classes and a good physical. 040112
Pedro Mercado i've been arrested 10 times....only learned that all they want is your money and for you to give them an excuse to use those damn guns.........i see no difference at all betwen them and the maffia. were're always going to see the same shit on the police blotter every monday and what does that say about their techniques on behavior modification? they know what they're doing since we all know negative reinforcement doesn't get anybody anywhere and doesn't get anybody to learn but only to hate them because of the shit they put you through everytime your I said, all they want is your money because when it all brakes down it all depends on the content of you wallet and the name you carry for them to know if it's ok to fuck with you. This, my friends, is bussiness, and cops are just a means for politicians to raise money so they can eat at a better restaurant and get away with murder and cheat on their wifes at the all screams "CONSPIRACY"! 040503
smurfus rex and yet, who do you call when your house gets broken into or your car gets stolen? who do you call when someone's harrassing you? who do you call? 040504
dosquatch When there's something strange, and it don't look good, who ya gonna call?


I'm so sorry...
dannyboy suck penis 040717
BLAX power hungry authority driven assholes 050208
Do they see the coke deal down the street NO!
Did they find they guy who stole my wallet NO!
They did give me a $90 ticket for a flickering brake light.
Did they charge the guy who hit my buddy with a beer bottle NO!
How bout that dude they missed hammered behind the wheel
They did charge me $230 for being 3 days late registering my car.

They are useless fucks, I say KILL them all!!!! mother fuckers!!!
ohnoC Fuck the police
fuck every one
set trip at the precinct
only real C's Bs down
Fuck cops get roughed up
stick a knife in their kids eye
beat their bitch till she die
shoot the judge in the fuckin balls
you bitch you shouldve had the gall
wannabe punk bitch, you aint gangster
you aint never gonna be tough you lil prankster
you think you bad with that badge
i see it as a bullseye tag
Pop a 45 into your chest
you mother fucker wearin a vest
torture your ass nice and slow
pull you apart head to toe
burn you with a blow torch
you fuck with my paps you get scorched
fuck with my pals i shoot your balls
have more kids now you little bitch
ill kick them around like little shits
No limits when im fittin to ride
set to die ready to buy
an AK to end a cops day
so you cant come stop and say
i cant be walkin this street, i cant be whistlin the beat
i gotta let me homies know
some pussy like you is on the roll
Ptolemy DCLVIII It's far too easy to simply declare that policemen are power-hungry authoritarians. If I have known a few who were, I've known many more who were not.

The police are the visible face of a system that is fucked up... but 'twasn't they whom invented the system!

Caught in a bad - or even horrid - situation, it is easy to lose track of this. Sure, some of them are quite vile. There are also vile doctors, and vile teachers, and vile plumbers, and vile priests.

When we cast about, hating the police blindly, we only contribute to the problem.

If you ever work to instill fear in others, be it bullying, or simply "manipulating someone because its funny", you create in another person the very mentality that is responsible for the fear which leads so many police officers to behave erratically in exacerbating situations!!! If you play mind games with other people, realize what it is you really are contributing to.

Ultimately, cops are people, harboring just as many qualities and faults as the rest of us. Forget this, and you become the very thing you rail against them for!
sucka Fuck the system, and the prick popos, not the reasonable ones though. 060814
thes I am the dregs of society. everytime I see a black-and-white I go "oh shit" even when I'm not doing anything wrong. Somehow my mother indoctrinated me with a deep seated hate for authority, and cops seem to know that. 081230
kill them all "Vandalism: Beautiful As a Rock in a Cops Face." 081231
Future Cop By this time next year I will be one, and I can't wait. 081231
Future Cop The journey begins. 090101
Soma I'll agree, there are some cops out there who seem to be harboring something bitter against everyone, perhaps on some power trip because they can give you a ticket or whatever....
but for the most part I am grateful for the cops who have been kind, and helpful in ways that I can probably never repay.
. Besides, there are plenty of civilians who harbor something bitter against everyone and go on power trips. Instead of tickets they issue assaults, embezzlements, and molestations, which is why we have cops in the first place. 090102
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