MollyGoLightly It's a small airport. One terminal. A boof airport.

They got rid of my Elvira pinball machine. In its place was a taxi themed machine. I spent two dollars playing with the weird new pinball machine. You had to send the ball plonking around until you "picked up" dracula, santa claus, some tarty woman named lola, and
"gorby" (complete with head birthmark).

The plane came in and this white-haired lady ran to a grey-haired man in golfing shorts. She hugged him and said "Oh honey, I missed you. Oh honey, I missed you. Oh honey, I missed you..."
Brad great story! And great pinball machine... i wanna play. Gorby! what a riot. 000529
lola ha! 000529
blown cherry airport after airport
each lonely waiting lounge a cavern of wandering souls. All separate, all aimless.
Each one grew colder and more sterile, evan as the days drew closer to when I might be with you again.
The biggest reminder of my isolation in such a crowded world.
In transit.
Not here, not there, yet.
Just alone. The sole description of my state of being.
No proof of my existence. No regulars here.
Cold metal benches and cold metal faces.

Then airport number ten holds a face I know so well.
A giggle and the airports dissolve.
niska i hate being there so late at night.
and so early in the morning.
DavesHeroinGirl The exact location I'm hoping to pick you up from sometime next week. Happy Birthday to me... 030602
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