Tess honey, i don't know why... 000122
birdmad scene in a Chinese restaurant:

the two of us in a booth on a cold saturday night, near the door that leads from the main dining area to the banquet hall on the other side, the party on the other side occasionally bleeding through to where we sat
almond chicken on one platter and shrimp with honey glazed walnuts on the other, the men in their suits and the women in those silk dresses with the tab collars.

we ate, there was one piece of shrimp left on that platter, i picked it up with my chopsticks and asked you if you wanted it, teasing you with it, dodging this way and that before letting it fall into your mouth and the crooked grin that came across your face as you ate it.
erin sweetie you are all you need to be
you're money baby
pure honey gold
moonshine bee saliva ...Mmm.. 000602
erin so i'm tired
so tired

these words are dripping off of my tongue like honey

sweet kisses would stop the flow

yeah yeah yeah
she loves you
yeah yeah yeah

if i were a beatle i'd be
just because i know everyone else would be paul or john

i have bottles of pills
one of minocin
an acne medication
if forget to take it every day
my skin has it's vengeance for weeks after
and i have zyrtec
just kidding
that's not a medication
that's a planet
yeah, the aliens who keep stealing my thoughts
Zoe do you know what is weird? i can't stand for people to call me honey. now, if i were to go to a shrink they would tell me that it is because my father called my mother that. he was a bitch.he totally lied about everything. oh well. i just really can't stand to be called honey! 000717
whirligirl from a well... 000719
Zatumushgir "The Queen was in the Parlor,
Eating Milk and Honey.
The King was in the Chambermaid,
And she was in the money!!"
Agent008 fine lookin honeys 010118
misstree thick, amber drips, sweetness laid slow and subtle 010119
dirty old man Well Boy? Did You get any Honey on Your Stinger? 010119
micro lying on the bed
you pouring honey on my back
feeling it tickling there
until that tickle was from your tongue
and i learned what happiness is
and i was forever lost
lost i love licking honey off of my girlfreind. Choclate syrup is fun too, but my all time favorite is whip cream. 010503
scuse me butt i want my honey back please.
fanks Tig sar wu su.
unhinged i like the fossilized kind set right in the center of my gothic sacrilege. sometimes i wish that there were waterfalls of it. 010612
sphinxradio i call you that in my head
my clothes from last saturday,
it's weird,
they still smell like you,
not anything stinky, no!
but familiar, something i recognize

i miss you, sometimes,
i see you, true,
but the context isn't right

nonsensical tonight
marjorie and uh... the bees do WHAT? 011204
bandaids go to: my_story 011221
ClairE I am allowed to call you that
because it's like a hug
and it somewhat does justice
to the way my heart swells
because of you.
Miffey And if you can't be with the one you love, Honey; love the one you're with. 020127
ilovepatsajak we'll get some honey and plenty of money and sail away for a year and a day! 020128
sumerian love song he is lettuce planted by the water
the honey-man, the honey-man
la la la la la
pralines&cream molasses 020128
phil Do you have any honey? 020129
ellen cherry charles I love you, honeypie..the beatles 020130
zenfishsticks ah, sugar sugar,
ooh, honey honey,
you are my candy, girl...

i may very well be the giddiest person in the cafeteria.
ah, those cherub curls and innocent smile...
why am i such a sap?
Daria Honey,____________________.
A. Can I have some money?
B. Would you drive me to the mall?
C. Could You come in the bedroom for a second?(hint, hint)
D. All of the above.

Fill in the blank.
this song of my regrets once, a very long time ago, i thought you were as sweet as honey...now all this time since, i realize that like your middle name, it was really amber and i am fossilized in it 020713
blown cherry Most often shortened to "hon"
Must remind myself not to call you that when I ring on your birthday.
Memories are still too fresh.
Pain is still too vivid.
eddie monster what you taste like when i've had to much to drink and i can't think straight and the room is spinning pinning me between your legs closed eyes won't stop the vortex so i slam my face on your thighs trying to make so many things go away trying to please you but i know i won't i know it's too hard and i don't have the enthusiasm that i had before slipping in makes me drunk again on the sea fishing for red snapper with my step dad what a fraud he always was what a disappointment i hate the man who showed me how to be who i am what's that say about me did we forget dinner cause i'm hungry and your honey has become bitter in my eyes it burns and i cry or weep what the fuck ever vanilla sky you have to taste the bitter before you truly appreciate the sweet so i deal with it and move on got to finish make me cum so i can go to sleep i hope your done 020725
eddie blown cherry, are you using this site for your personal diary or what? 020725
unhinged eddie --- blather_is_blather
you called me
sweet and sticky
you could not keep your fingers
out of
walking too close
breathing too deep
we were not one without the other
you called me
i stuck to your teeth
phil today 020729
eddie shut the fuck up phil!
your fucking annoying
girl_jane Eat it a spoonful a day to make yourself extra sweet.

By the way, please don't call me honey.
jane i still love those honey straw things

oh-so-quiet "What do you remind me of?" I say as I look down at my jar of honey. My hands are sticky and as I glace two and from the jar and my finger tips, I get the odd feeling that this honey means more to me than just the pleasure of my tounge.

So I smile and as the wrinkles on the sides of my mouth lift they stick there, as if somthing is holding them there. Somthing is forcing them to keep their shape, but I have not taken a lick of my honey filled spoon. Somthing reminded me of my honey and its given me a sticky smile.

Finally I look at my spoon and it's coated in a copper gold shimmer. As I look I can taste it, i've had it before and I know what it's like. Have I had this honey before? Do I know what this honey is like? Do I actually see the gold shimmer, or am I reminded of the sweetest face I ever saw?

You may look at me and think it's rather strange that I be so intently staring at my spoon full of honey and not eating it, but I can honestly say that I wont know you are there. I wont realize what you might say about me, what kind of face you may throw in my direction, because I am looking hard into my honey, because I want to be reminded of somthing else, because I dont wish to swallow somthing that holds the key to the metaphore which is my life.
dondeestanlosjaguares of the sweetest flavors that my mouth has ever come in contact with I have to say that my favorite are these:

chocolate and caramel are by far the most edible delights.

. . .but honey, I know is the greatest of all!
not the kind from the trees,
not the kind from the bees,
but the kind from your lips,
the honey I tasted from your kiss.
devalis "you moved like honey in my dream last night
yeh some old fires were burning
you came near to me and you endeared to me
but you couldn't quite discern me..
my big secret
keepin' ya comin'
slow like honey, heavy with mood"

(Apple, Fiona)
jane "...with a mouthful of honey
and a fistful of bees..."
- no_knife
eddie "...with a mouthful of dick
and a fistful of balls.."
blue star don't ask me how I am today
don't wanna talk about it
don't ask what the matter is
today's the big day

daddy's getting married
wipe your tears away
my daddy's getting married
I don't know what to say...
niska honey is a healing agent, much like the stuff you put under bandaids 030602
you know I really really want to talk to you some more 030720
what happened next elvis costello. extreme honey 031023
Pete_says_hi honey i'm home
but i'll never be home for you
you can't live inside me like a parasite, eating off my insides as if they were emotional food for you
only sip at me at me as a bee would do to at a drop of honey.
that will do
ninecat is what Tiggers like best. 041206
emmi and i rode along side
till you lost me there
in the open road
and i rode along side
till the honey spread
itself so thin
for me to break your bread
for me to take your word
(tori amos)
concha "when my honey comes back, sometimes
get a hump in my back, sometimes
get a hump in my back, sometimes
i'm goin' over yeah, sometimes
way down yonder, when my honey comes back
way down yonder, sometimes."

he's said that these are the dirtiest of dirty lyrics. after contemplation, i'm inclined to agree.
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