me? Life is just a situation
Life is just a game
Life is just a whirlpool
And it's calling out my name

Amber were the autumn leaves
And amber was her skin
Amber was the evening
When the whirlpool pulled her in

It was irresistible
Was what she used to say
Like the sound of running horses
Early in the day
bob Life is just a situation
Life is just a game
Life is just a whirlpool
And it's calling out my name

Amber were the autumn leaves
And amber was her skin
Amber was the evening
When the whirlpool pulled her in
Tess Amber's smile
curved simply upward
body moved not one
just bit

all her glad
contained in
that upward.
and i mimic

to think on it.

(Amber was really a dancer)
oodles Amber was a dancing queen.
She had hypnotic eyes and infectious laughter.
She looked beautiful that night.
Why do bad things happen?
camille a resin that's made into the most exquisite jewlery 000129
lovers lament aka amber jade I AM
scarred. cut (nobody notices).
scars? what scars? barely a mark.
broken power
just brilliant
pure oxymoron

make a pact. . .
will she keep it?
silentbob amber is my new Efriend 001124
DedAce Amber, her face just a set of digital pixilated spots on a canvas of technological design.
Her voice, static battered across wires strung by fathers, brothers, lonely men. Not like me.
Her words. flashing with a knowing, alerting. signal. A signal created by a man, maybe a woman, not knowing the signifigance of the sound in the mind of one they, and she, might never meet. Conditioned like a rat to a shock. I wait for that beep, that pixel, that voice.
lovers lament don't really know if you're around anymore Ace, but if you are, email me... i miss you. 011009
katdaddy ya..sometims emale (or efreind)or whatever r the best way to restart a rockie start. one pard wasnt up to sniff or pair. tim heels. 020313
unhinged meth 020313
jackie "radio free scahu" mc cracken there were flies trapped in it 020313
Amber and we move
like we are suspended in amber...
alora Nine princes in Amber. Begin with Random... 021003
werewolf amber was someone else's sister slow dripping her required life like time dances around a widening tree, bobbing and weaving. a princess in some other world. an underworld where winter is heaven, snowflakes reminders of each exact moment of touch of sensation. amber was a jewel crystallized slightly in the wrong world, capturing forever the follies that people like to forget. an impaled fly, a primal scene, this is for behind closed doors, not wedding rings. everyone knows they form under pressure. amber had no idea. 021003
hrm sets my veins ablaze with passion.

is something I completely did not expect. she's the opposite of my usual type, but....
andrew should I hold on or continue to fall? 030304
brie loud. loveable. spontaneous. outgoing. sad. lonely. loved. envied. hated. wanted. screams. jumps. twists. tiny. short. gymnast. strong. pretty. blonde. twin. together. forver. goodbye. 030321
K I don't know amber.
I never have. she posts as Pornographic Priestess and sits in her Avens room dissing everyone who comes in.

Nadine likes her. I don't know why. Anyone who'd be so incredibly rude to other people she knows can't be much of a loyal friend.

Tommy used to go with her. Tommy is cool beans tho, but I think part of why amber hates me so damn much is I didn't take her side when they broke up.

I didn't take anyone's side, I was away on tour.I like to know all the details before I take sides on anything

At this point tho, I'd be inclined to side with Tommy. amber's MEAN.
misstree trees bleed sap
thicker than water, thicker than blood,
leaving sticky mark on any unwise enough
to press themselves against roughened bark.

trees bleed sap
that hardens in night's chill air,
that hardens under the gentle breath and
moonlight, hardens into exquisite jewels,
ovals and one-liquid curves now slowly frozen
into the shapes of their slow blossoming.

trees bleed sap
and it hardens, it decorates wounded branches
with shining jewels, ready to be plucked
by greedy ravens that know not the value
of the trinkets they carry back to dirty nests,
know not that amber that has not been set properly,
pressed and weathered, will crumble over time.
Lucy You guys are crazy poets...
Here is my poem

If your name is Amber
I will call you Spamber
lou_la_belle she changed too fast
tried too hard
pushed the limits
and broke herself
now she's far away
picking up the pieces
and starting again.
i wish her good luck
good will
good riddance
for spurning a friend
is a terrible deed
and she's ruined forever
the bond we once had.
stray i love the color amber. its so warm and honey, and you know how much i love honey... 050207
re_alisma hey, amber -- i didn't know you too well, but i was like thrilled beyond words that we had two classes together. we didn't even go to the same school! and now i'm behind on my PJ Harvey. well, today i made the decision to catch up a little. i just wanted you to know.

-me being not-so-much Tess anymore
not god take care of your kids for christ sake. both of you. 111221
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