amy the motional response 990214
emsie I have a giant crush on a guy from my summer school math class who is an AMAZING dancer. He can swing dance, which is a huge turn on for me. He did some arial stuff with me, and now I'm smitten... 990729
marjorie where i want to take your mind 991203
Quintessensual ... and, thank you, it was a wonderful, first trip. 991203
Barrett Any ones interrpretation of the music. Although, some people just cannot dance. 000728
moonshine Theres a fine line between moving and actually dancing.. 000728
ansg irresponsibly, irretrievably, iridescently, incandescently, descending decently 001212
misstree "swollen with lust and fatigue"
-m. gira
elmhurst i'd like to take you dancing so that you can experience what love is
the happiness,laughter,motion,commotion, it can take you anywhere you want to go...even to heaven
vampers sets my soul free 010324
silent storm Dancing is the vertical expression of a horizontal desire. 020204
MisterFunkadelic "One nation under a groove..."

The coolness never ceases, I went to visit my mom and she brought out an old box she found in storage.

My old D-Cell powered 8-track player and my old tapes for it too. A bunch of old Motown, some Led Zeppelin, and (hooray!!) My old Parliament and Funkadelic tapes too.

"Atomic Slop"
"Funkentelechy" (flashlight)
"Mothership Connection"
"One Nation Under a Groove"
and all the other musical goodness that was in that box.
Oh, man.

And I'll just be damned if the little box didn't work just as well as when I put it in storage.

Who would have thought I'd be so happy to hear the loud "Click" of the machine changing "programs"
blackroot Don't look at me like that.
It's only dancing.
This music, reverberating in my pulse,
pushing its way through my veins.
These people, sexy bodies, sweat and smiles--
it's only dancing.
It's not thinking, it's only
rythyms and lipstick.
It's not about the drinks--blue this on or over that--
its just about the seduction
of fitting between
the beats, throwing your curves,
and laughing in the darkness.
It's just dancing.
megan his hands rest on me, motioning me forward. to him. it's like a kiss, the song climaxes, and falls, climaxes and falls, and my heartbeat races just anticipating his very next step. it's what i want forever, dancing off into the sunset. 021225
Trish dont stop 030207
um... its freedom, fun, electric floating through your body, pushing through the atoms in space, release, moving through time
makes me feel on fire from head to toe
every cell of my being alive with movement, the most basic of all living functions
its all the same thing
thats why i love it so
electric staring into your eyes as our bodies move together silently and powerfully, our lust consumes us and the world vanishes; everything vanishes except the steady beat the pulse of desire as we feed off of the heat of our yearning and our bodies move, trying to break free and join in the middle in a hot fusion of uncontrollable passion 030726
emmi we used to go out dancing.
there was a tiny salsa bar in the city, that from the outside looked like any old garage. but the atmosphere was great.
kathy and i would always sit around and talk, and joke with the boys.
nathalie used to try and teach everyone to dance.

she had a latino friend, david...who i couldn't find a language to communicate with. both mine and his dutch was poor, and my spanish even poorer.
but he taught me how to merengue. i was so shy and reluctant, but he'd whisper in my ear...'just let go'
and we just got lost in the music and each other.
the heat from all the dancing bodies filled the room and he pressed closer to me than anyone ever had.

kathy and nathalie used to tease me about him. i was innocent- modest and unbelieving...he was after all the most beautiful man there.

the universal language of love...that's what he taught me.
Perspective_of_Soul Dancing around, spinning and turning.
Like one of those boxes with a little annoying fairy or something. Playing chimes and being annoying. If i had one, i would burn it.
puredream *this is me missing dance*
*still missing it*
*missing still*
*missing more*

Hold me!!! I think I'm going to cry... I miss ballet and tap sooooo bad...

Jazz maybe just a little bit...

Lyrical and character and little more than that...

But :(
badjonni freedom




flowerbed on a cloud Isn't it fun? Dancing is love

Dancing is excitement

Dancing is THE one thing you never get tired of...
Evilair unless ofcourse you aren't in the mood

the chachacha is nice though, it doesnt require any thinking at all, all you have to do is go with the flow
misstree bitterly missing it. oh so bitterly. 051203
Amanda Jean some of us are dancing
for the sake of dancing and i'm wondering if this new blue
sunlight will kill you
if it licks your cold brown
bones, sleeps in your pulpy
lungs. Will you dance with me
at the line where the dye fades,
at sea scraping sand?
Can we take one last look around
this sweaty city, then tap our toes
to the concrete rhythm, and not stop
dancing till we've reached the shore?
I'm sick of these stars, so bruised
they blend into the sky.
I want to dance all the way
to the sparkling curve that cradles earth, and spin circles beneath.
violet strangt my physical expression. my release from all the stress of the week. all i need is a beer and a dance floor. my exhaustion of rage, my hidden voice. 060726
Violet Strangt the insatiable craving for physical expression. 060825
nom i like my shoes 070203
phil blue\
1ocean a
2pin a
3holes a
4beneath a
5safety a
2tall b
3skirt b
4fire b
5whirlpools b
1leaping b
3dark c
4fog c
5breathing c
1vision c
2pale c
falling_alone i'm stomping
all in the seat of your car
with our windows rolled down
and a good song on
we drive on
to pulsing sounds
and staring eyes
we drive on
towards moonlit skies
cloudy days
we drive on
with the heat full blast
with the windows fogged up
we drive on
under starry eyed skies
and winding roads
we speed past guardrails
down broken trails
of rocks and nails and bits of glass
to haunted houses
and riverside gates
we drive on
in circles
in straight lines
weaving in and out of cars
towards our final destination
always parting
pausing songs
repeating words
all in the seat of your car
i am flailing
head banging hair
arms are moving
fingers jiving
i am dancing
and we drive on.
nom the soreness is mostly gone now, thankfullyness 070205
three words you_must_go dancing blu_sass 110131
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