jennifer please don't stay home if you don't have a flashlight 991219
andrea one time, my friend jennifer,
gave me a flashlight to hold
backstage because
i was afraid of the dark
it made me smile and feel
a bit better knowing i was
understood and that she
did what she could to help me
we kept in touch as we moved
on in life, learning and growing
and becoming people we never
dreamt we'd ever be
and at times, i feel lost
or afraid, i read the words she's
sent me or written for others
to read and reflect on her
interpretations of life's events
and somehow, i am as comforted
as i was when she handed me that
little flashlight
P funk all star birdmad everybody's got a little light
under the sun
wallaby Under covers, they make excellent pretend fires.

Or pressed against one's skin, they make your body glow a red. An easy way to feel supernatural right in your own house!
andie where is my flashlight queen???

are you still out there jen??
what's it to you?
who go