eric ...the expression of light. its attributes are intensity and duration. it is sage's shirt. 980904
amy glowing sounds are kinda hard to listen to. 980913
[marissa] the angel's quiet brood, over
statues of swollen children
brought down by the hands of
fate, swallowed by the water.
the angel's delicate glow,
that peaks and softens as
she presses lips to cold lips
and gathers the ripened soul
of the children who curl in her wings.
the nimbus of a separated
resurrection, the carrying of
silenced flesh across the

emilya When I see me in his eyes I know he glows. 990305
Joana. I glow inside when I see you
There's a warm feeling in my soul that exteriorises itself through my fingers and my face...
I blush and feel the warmth of my hands expressing this universal emotion that I have for you...
The sky was blue and it had some dark clouds...
I knew you were approaching...
So I just waited with red cheeks and eyes on the ground...
nameless glowing pens. growing pains. 000115
nameless glowing pens. growing pains. 000115
nameless oops. i didnt mean to type it twice 000115
Spete Glow worms.
I lost mine when I moved
and never got another.
Always have regretted that.

I think I lose one special object every time I move somewhere new. That would make at least nine special objects, at this point...and probably many more yet to be lost.
fairydust I would like them to call me the glow chick. he wants to open up a candyraver store. but that is all a dream, in the past or in the future, i don't know. 000410
Reggie its pretty dark but i can see you
its pretty bleak but i can sense you
its pretty cold but i can feel you
its pretty lonely..whered you go?
Marjorie am i glowing?
must be the radioactive coffee again.
it enhances the shine of my skin
and makes my eyes sparkle
and offset the muddy blackness
that i like to call my home
Dafremen Hey marjorie? No offense...but you aren't a fat bitch are you? I knew a lady named Marjorie once...but she was a fat bitch. Disregard this blather if you aren't her. Otherwise...

"Hey MArj...ya fat bitch you! Howz it hanging?!(No I MEAN IS it? And it can't be removed either? You poor thing that must make chewing difficult.)"
Casey I once caught a lightning bug. I named him frank...later on someone told me it was the females who did that light thing...but then that guy was a liar sometimes and maybe he just wanted to trick me into feeling bad about giving my lightning bug the wrong name 010625
Glory Box oh, this soft light.

a glow is a light you can hold in your hands.
Toxic_Kisses When ever I'm extreemly happy,feel that I've been given a ginuine complament or talk to an old friend/aquntance I haddent seen in a while I glow from W/n 020112
butterfly i love those little glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling of the house i grew up in...anytime i see those, it reminds me of home. it also reminds me of those summer nights, laying in the field looking at stars and catching fireflies 030222
blip glower 031217
Deomis The bright white glow
of the refridgerator light
Makes you squint you eyes
as your reaching for the ice
The bright white glow
of that little lasting bulb
is the burning blot in front of my eyes
It's the brightest light
On my linoleum floor
Makes the whole room just glow
. . 070604
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