yummychuckle i always chew on the wires of my earphones when I'm listenng to my discman. I'm doing it right now. yum. always did have an oral fixation. 010624
Casey you do that too, wierd. I used to think people that chewed on their straws were crazy. Then I tried it and it was ok, it cut down on my beverage intake so I would have to pee more 010624
Persona I would chew on my hair when I was wee
I had a name for each curl that would occur at the end of a strand
I cried for days when the hair cutting woman severed them for good
paste! gum gum gum! extra classic bubble gum! and yak jerky simmered in graphite_salsa. oh, can't forget DDT lozenges. 010624
Bounty_Hunter on gum from dawn until
I spit it out
In an effort to ....
shout, to say what it is
what is was and will be
never again for you or for
yummyC on UNseedless grapes.
i like the very ceneter. the part in between the seeds.
TalviFatin Damon and Adam chewed. It was disgusting. I told them numerous times that if they kept it up, they would have holes in their cheeks. Do men ever listen? Noooooo....... 011116
nerzhul if you like drugs, you should like chewing plastic straws, too. plastic straws contain more than 3000 chemicals. that's a whopping 2580 more than marajuana, which only has a pitiful 420 chemicals. 020322
pETAH i like chewing on female genitalia , ofcourse in a gentle way ! 020410
shield56 Is a concept I have never understood 050401
what's it to you?
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