twiggie severed little girl, where has your head gone?
it seems you've lost your mind.
i would help you find it because i know you're distressed.
but would my help really do any good?
find that missing part of yourself, little girl.
maybe then you can be happy again.
Maggie severed little girl? yessi, that's a bit....... I don't knwo...... it sounds like a barbie with its head ripped off 001228
twiggie i have a little one of the little kids...with her hand chewed off. 001228
misstree clean cut,
bleeding thickly
all over
my new
blue dress.

and not nicely i might note,
an act of chopping and rending,
taking things apart
that were
theswitchbladefairy clean cut (and dried) 030518
niska jason vs. freddy - coming soon, to a theatre near you! 030518
god kenny_loggins_vs_stryper ...coming soon to a sentence you are reading. 030521
unhinged my heart and my mouth

i used to be able to say it
to tell people

'write a love_letter to the part you feel most disconnected from'

i'm sorry that i listened to
all the people that told me
i care too much
my heart needs to care

even now
the words are stuck

because i know what happens when my heart and my voice are connected.

does it hurt more to care about others who could give a shit or to hide?

i hope i still haunt you
wherever you are
what's it to you?
who go