Sterling Our bodies lay like spoons, as we sleep. My back to him, his face buried in my neck and hair. His arms wrapped around me, as if protecting me from the world. He always asks me, before falling asleep, if we can sleep as one. That question takes my breath away each time, and the warm sensation I get, from hearing it, reinforces to me, how strong my feelings are for him. I somehow manage to respond, with a whispered 'yes'. The emotions he sees, playing across my face, and catching in my throat, as I speak, always tells him enough. So, we lay in peaceful slumber...our bodies physically connected, by his manhood. His spirituality takes my breath away. I once told him, that he was amazing. He simply said, "I'm just me!" (Understatement of the year!!!) I want his soul, forever linked with mine. I want to feel our skin, meshed together, in the swirling currents, of a cold stream. I want to lose my self in his eyes, never to return to the reality, that I know so well. I want our connection, and the peace it gives. I simply want the man... 001211
b0 i was in(side) 0f y0u
and y0u
in(side) 0f mE
envel0ped by all
that wE t0uched 0r
c0uld see
y0u can t0uch mE
and kiss mE
and I'll share it
in turn
let mE m0ve y0u
and r0ll y0u
d0 y0u feel
the slight burn?

0f mY s0ft
devil's fingers
0f mY red
devil's lips
as I m0ve
deep ar0und y0u
as I speak
with my hips

let Us
stay in this m0ment
let this
b0nd t0 remain
that 0ur hearts
will find freed0m
and 0ur s0uls
feel n0 pain
Thyartshallshant Connected at 49,333 bps

Duration: 002:30:25

Bytes recieved: 6,882,577

Bytes sent: 1,229,432
kerry my connection is constantly broken

ClairE We all are. New_York Telephone! 011224
shatazap being this we lacked
so that was the end.
- . 020803
pipedream *bzzt* 030315
Nikita Yes that connection would be the most magnificant thing of all. 040224
puredream .. 040724
... purple haze 040724
pete i close my eyes and feel like you are sitting across the room, not a few dozen blocks away. 040725
dafremen We're all connected..there's nothing to condemn here. There's nothing to lose..

"There's no shedding. It's not a live's an rna vaccine!"

Man, I have no hate for those of you getting "vaccines" (long as you're not pushing me to), but let's update the biology a little bit, because someone's hiding something they know from you and I think you should know: Microvesicle shedding happens all of the time. It's not the same as viral shedding.
Vaccinated or shed cells and cell created chemicals into the environment. If that weren't true, pheromones wouldn't be a thing. Well, two of these vaccines use mRNA to instruct your cells to produce a spike protein, (if all goes well.) You've agreed to allow someone else to intrude your body. Did you also agree for the rest of us? Should we let your shed cells and cell-produce chemicals invade OUR bodies? We don't know what these untrustworthy billionaire ghouls did to you. We only know what they've done to everything else..and we don't trust them.

Don't you remember the conversation we had last year? Some "naturally mutating" bat virus raged across the planet, and you told us we might be infecting people through our decision to not protect them.'ve just decided to take an experimental drug that isn't a vaccine. It doesn't just try to fool your cells into doing what they are naturally made to do.

Instead, it's a drug that alters your cell's behavior, making it produce..gawd only knows what (a spike protein says daddy money.)

It wasn't tested properly on anywhere near a million people before it was released to the public. No one knows what this thing will do. It's kind of like the coronavirus..except YOU chose this. No one chose to carry covid and many of you condemned them regardless.
You made this choice, without informing yourself, (again), and now the same way your body communicated with the people around you before: through chemical release and aerosol interaction, has made you the possible carrier of a billionaire's experiment.

You might be a biological warfare agent. Can you prove that's not true? Do you actually have access to Pfizer's patented formulation? Then the answer is you can;t. And everyone who owned by Pfizer.

So please..let's meet in the outdoors, yea? And can you stand downwind? And umm..please..wear that really cool mask you bought last year. shaking hands or hugging, please. Not yet, anyway. Let's wait and see..yea?

So glad you're feeling better. Still worried about you.
. antibody dependent enhancement 210510
. 210510
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