somebody is often a desirable state of mind 980819
Dallas oh whoops. I missed class again. 980913
paul It's rather frustrating to forget the dream you just had. 990226
kirstin slumber parties are oh so much fun. i remember how no one could go to sleep until morning. bras in the freezer, toothpaste on your face, giddy little girls talking about the latest crush. i want a slumber party soon. 990330
god poo in the slumber potty 030529
secret4185 I know what you mean paul.
Now I'm going to have some more dreams that I won't remember. Too scary to think about, I'm losing my most precious thoughts...
Perspective_of_Soul I ache for it. Anything to be distant from the loneliness i feel within reality. I can indulge myself in dreams of safety, dreams of love, dreams of a place far from here.
Far from me.
I can throw away the pain and consequences there. I can embrace the hidden 'i' that resides there.
No fear, no hurt.
Just the dreamy breeze of soft midnight air to keep me alive and knowing, i could live here too.
Syrope just the /word/
it /sounds/ sleepy

i want to nap with someone named slumber
what's it to you?
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