syn Why am I the first to write about a Paul? I'm sure people have met many, and I'm sure they must have had some impact. Lord knows my Paul did. I still miss him sometimes, but shhh... I won't tell. 010125
birdmad i frequently rob peter to pay him 010125
Thyartshallshant Shawn Paul! Faster! Say it faster, make it sound like a French wine! 010125
startfires paul? annoying. his opinions are other peoples words repeated. i thought he must be seventeen, he has no brains. turns out he is older than me. just dull. 010402
Aimee my oldest brother. I love him to death. I would do anything for him, and yes I admit to idolizing him. I just wish I had his discipline, his stamina and his strength. I envy him and I sometimes hate him. I know I can never be him and i can barely be like him. I just want him to love me. 011029
janet Paul who betrayed me
Paul, my aquaintance, that I just can't dare love

Paul_Mcdermott who's just plain funny
Kate Hey Paul, I hope you are reading your very own blather, and I hope you feel special! Thanks for burning me cds and cocking your head to the side when you think something is strange, and for putting up with silly girls like me who used to stare at you in 9th period World History. You have such a wonderful personality and a great talent for writing poetry and being nice. Thank you for loving music and for playing great saxophone lines behind me, and for telling me about Dashboard Confessional. You are stellar, Paul. 020502
freakizh the best word.. belongs to a sweet guy.

let's paul together.
i'll paul you forever.
Human Behavior I'll paul you as tender as you need, as rough as you want. I'll paul you always in my heart. 020712
. ugh. 030701
adelaide i wish it were possible for me to even begin to define "paul". what is paul? who is paul? and why does he have to be so fucking beautiful? 030701
. after i stare at the word paul for a while... i really start to question my spelling skills. it just looks... wrong. i think "am i spelling this incorrectly? have i been spelling it incorrectly this whole time? is it really 'pual' or 'paull' or even 'pawl'..." well, i guess theres obsession for you. 030701
what does it matter left a knot in my stomach... made it hard for me to breath without a struggle... tore my heart out. again. 030716
daf see also: mithras 031114
who? [conformist], robot of a person, shell with .
wants me to go to church and become more like (him).
why not? you used to go to class with me every day....i never gave you a minutes di i end up in your situation??????? 040224
. P~makes me smile
makes me dance
makes me crazy with excitment
makes me breath
makes me relax
makes me remember
makes me loud
makes me silent
makes me dinner
makes me feel infinite
is wonderful.~Q
oE the former saul of tarsus 041106
melvinwang he's really loud. and wants to be a ninja. 041106

Xeneth Sparda

Some insane 'sensitive class' kid I met when he was in grade 3, he should now be in grade 7, more fucked up than ever, BM knows what problems he will grow up with. 041206
Zoe too complicated to put down in words. i am so in love with him, yet know that this will never work out. he cheated on me about three months ago, i forgave him because i couldn't stand not having him in my life. i've forgiven him for calling me a whore, for screaming at me (about once a wee), for threatening to kill me, for telling me he hated me. he's an addiction. he can be so mean one second, but so incredibly nice the next. he calls me his princess and talks about how we're going to get married and grow old together. i don't even think i want that, i just want to be with him now. 050414
Blue Eyes A borderline narcissist, and can play people better than anyone I know. He has a big heart, but takes great fun in pissing off people. He is always right (in his mind) and loves to debate.

He is alternately protective and big brotherish, a complete asshole, a loving friend, and an inconsiderate hardheaded jerk.

And wow - is he smooooth with the ladies. He has the playa gene, times ten. They don't know what hit 'em, following him around like puppy dogs, and then -pow!- he's gone.

He is unlike anyone I've ever met, or probably ever will meet. Thank God.
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