jennifer a friend of mine
has this way
she can make words
sound good
she could tell the most
nonsubjectable story
and make it sound like walden
it's a gift
and I envy it
Joana. What I listen to is the mirror of something I will never have
But always longed to attain
Failure points its dirty finger at my dreams
And it grins mockingly
At the loss of a tenuous sign of talent
That once seemed to shine through me
Perhaps it was merely the light of what saddened me
That lit the darkness
Brad hehe. I am smug. 000705
splinken another story about another talent show:

once upon a time, there was a halfway house. for mental patients. this halfway house hosted a talent show to raise money for something or other. jello for lunchtime, maybe.

one of the acts was an extremely non-sober woman who sang an off-key, garbled version of "Crazy."

my friends did not understand why this was so funny.
kx21 An actor who can perform a show for making or changing something / situation from
the worst to worse,
worse to normal,
normal to good,
good to better or
better to the best.

Youngster is naturally and physically more talented than Adult???
june perhaps but not at writing. 040130
H. L. Mencken "It is impossible to imagine Goethe or Beethoven being good at billiards or golf." 081130
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