auto cross reference system Teeth, when numbering 32.

See numbers_with_meaning.
optic discretion when you can go out and drink and party all night long.

when you're free to do whatever you like.

when you have real responsibilites and become truly independent.

when you actually go to jail jail.

god i don't want to grow up.
falling_alone adults are stupid... 031124
thieums There is no such thing as an "adult" : people consider themselves as young until one day they discover they have become old.

Some people are kids all their life.

Some others become old very young.

How to make the difference ? Young people have dreams. Old people forgot about their dreams.

Maybe an adult is someone that manages to fulfill his dreams... But they are very few, if any at all.
vituperus quotidian 040502
vituperus badinage 040502
baka i've got some sort of spyware or something on my computer that sends me a page that lets me search for dirty sites...
what does milf stand for anyways?
baka oh wait, i get it *blush* 040622
The Puffinator over sized children 060715
Bummed When you're a child, you look forward to growing up and being able to do whatever you want, but when you're an adult, you miss being a child and doing whatever you wanted. 061114
Ouroboros I am so overwhelmed- I want to throw up. Feeling out of control of my own life- doing my best and having it backfire. Working hard to pay off CC bill and then SNAFU rent check going to bounce. Yuck. No chance of actually taking the GREs in 3 weeks as scheduled- waste of money. E is not available to curl up with and cry. Ahhhh 081106
Soma So this is what it is then-
to be medicated, to be sane, to be awake at normal hours and run the standard nine to five.
is it everything I wanted and what I thought it'd be? No, not nearly, but it's mostly alright by me. No more fits of passion, no more waking crying in my bed. So how is it that living adultily, feels so much like some part of me is dead? I haven't painted, have printed, haven't scrawled 'cross this blue book. Pens, inks and paints grow dusty, and I'm loathe to try again. So come on now and take a look, oh you will rightly see, that I am well adjusted, educated, and it's oddly fine to me.

This isn't what I expected. Where is my grandeur?
flowerock the grandeur is inside, waiting to be let out. We are grand, we decide hen and where to feel it and accept it, or do we have to learn to recognize it? it is a stranger glancing at us on the train of time, interested but unsure of our mood... we have to glance back and notice the gaze of grandeur, we have to engage in conversation and open the interaction, then it can bloom into a consistent friendship an state of being.
myself_included. I am burdened and weighted by a lack of trust in this flow. I feel dull and tired and like adult life is relentlessly demanding, draining, stifling... the default_world as some would call it is a big joke... we can play along and laugh with it ir be the butt of it... I play both sides, today I was definitely the butt of the joke, sad and angry crying and enraged and complaining...


adult when? why? for what reason? in what culture? what does it mean to you or me or them?

it used to me i could stay up late and eat whenever I wanted. it really means no one is going to help me get enough sleep or make sure I have food to eat. I have to do that.

but we can do it together. that's_what_friends_are_for
and fortunately for me what my heartmatte is for ; )( :
we can be our own friends too

What do I know about adultness though? am I an adult really? or just so many years old?
what's it to you?
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