typhoid this would have maybe made a better bedtime_story, but i wasn't thinking.
i'm sittin in my room gettin towards midnight, when i start to notice that yelling and screaming laughter usually filtering under the door has increased to the point where it belies that there are actual people right outside. so, wanting to join the fun, i tiptoe over, open the door, and stick my head out.
"want to paint?" asks a girl in a tube top.
"come paint with us!" urges another.
so i just watch for a while as the once blue wall has an orange sun painted on it, which turns into a flame, which turns into a giant orange "mass" covering the entire wall. people are finger_painting, so i go get some latex_gloves and join the fun... painting wild squiggles and dragon_like shapes on the virgin walls.. others are painting "words of wisdom", such as "Release your tension / relive your oppresion" (spelling intact) and "reality is what you choose to believe". people start getting crazy with the paint and start making hand_prints in pink and red over any surface they can get to, while a bunch of girls decide to paint their torsos pink and press them up against the walls to leave body prints. they even get a guy to do this (i think i was the only one not to do this). things kinda break down after this, with the guy asking if he can take a shower with the girls to wash the paint off, and most of them being somewhat drunk. i continue finger painting, dumping the gloves in favor of just using my hands, managing to get a "23" up on my door with the 2 painted backwards... odd, i didnt realize i was dyslexic. might have had something to do with me painting it with my left hand.. things continue to quiet down, till theres just a couple of us sitting on the floor throwing these omnipresent beans down the hall..
a fun night.
birdmad the serene face i show to the inhabitants of my everyday world

it's a ghastly sight beneath this painted veil

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