charlotte only in the privacy of blather can i yell a big 'piss off!' to all those annoying twits who believe i am one 001019
splinken i was the second-to-last one, i believe.

of course, in my overstimulated, overblown, overdramatic, overactive sixteen year old mind, this made me maddeningly special.

yeah, special. i never let those gross boys crawl into my half-sleep at the end of any parties because they were not worthy.

i was clean-faced, diana-like, a golden goddess.
amy i had noticed that virgin hadn't been blathed yet.

virgin: like a rare jewel
it's that innocence thing, and not in any literal sense of the word "virgin".
virginal. purely. you can take it whenever you want to, or need to, that's what's important about it.
it's that innocence and experience thing.
unhinged he said he still considered me a virgin.

was that suppose to take everything away...that he considered me still a virgin?

he never could make me feel better...only worse. i'm done with loving hate. everyone was scared of me when i was an 18-year-old virgin. now everyone is scared of me because i am a 19-year-old picture of insanity with nice scars on my left wrist.
lovers lament i mourned for weeks; monthes..."adia" my only companion at night. i gave it away in pieces, pieces of my soul. and i mourned their loss. no regrets, he is good, and he is love, mine.
gave him my purity, to hold onto, cherish me for always and ever. he will never leave me, even when he goes.
tourist Losing mine at age 18? 19? meant less to me than I thought it would, Mind you I was grateful for the experience, not having to base my carnal knowledge upon what I could find in porno magazines and from the lies that other boys would swap. But it was sad in a way that it was in an act of Lust not Love, but at the great age of 18 I was desparate, and she was experienced never letting on that she was with a novice, making me feel good about myself.
It is only in looking back that I realise that with practice and love we all become better lovers. And after I was no longer a sexual virgin I remained a Love virgin for much longer.
Of the two types losing my Love virginity proved to be the more important. I am now a well worn Love slut only improving with age.
*CatMeow* i am the big "V" and quite... well not proud of it, but quite... indifferent i think is the word i want... my sister lost it at 14, mainly because she didn't feel good about herself, and needed outside justification of the fact that she was loveable, or atleast fuckable, but when you're so young, you probably can't tell the difference between the two... most of my friends lost it in loving/liking relationships which is good, and is what i want... not quite there yet with anyone, but still, i'm indifferent to that fact, it doesn't bother me, because i know that i could go out and pick up some random guy if i really wanted to, but i don't have to, don't want to, and don't need to... that's what one of my best friends did last year... she was feeling left behind, underappreciated, and like a dying breed, and it got her nothing but trouble for a while there... but that was her choice, and one she had to make... i wrote a little song once, when my friend was answering a question on the spark, that posed "you are in a happy loving relationship, but one day your husband loses his genitals... can this relationship last?"... while she was pondering, i wrote (C):

sex in only part of happiness
sex is only part of happiness
if your husband happens to lose his dick
it's all good as long as he can
still use his tongue and both his hands

doesn't really illustrate my point, but i think it's a really good song... what was my point? oh yeah viginity... this about sums it up... all you virgins out there, extend your arms above your head, into a nice big "V" shape, and state "I AM THE BIG V" because this shows that you are strong enough to be indifferent...
kx21 Galaxies, Solar systems, stars, etc... never having been explored or exploited by humans. 010111
kx21 It is also relevant and applicable to you if you are V.RG.N where . is something in you 010111
COLDandBLUEkitty emily has
lotion. and it smells good.
for hours.
kx21 Refer to Virginity for more info / new finding(s) about Virgin... 010215
danger boy 101 Smoke a smoke Not a butt Fuck a virgin Not a slut 010217
syd Got a flip-top pack of cigarettes in her pocket
Feeling good at the top
Shopping in sharp shoes
Walking in the sunshine town -
feeling very cool
But the butchers and the bakers in the supermarket stores
Getting everything she wants from the supermarket stores
Apples and oranges
Apples and oranges
spol am i, he does not know 010517
power through passion It is the shining star
atop the pyramid of insecurities
among the young

only the strong
have the courage to keep it
or at least not lie about it
until it evaporates
but on their terms
not the damn fucking majority consensus

I'm so tired of this... civilization
I laugh at the word,
It defies its own meaning
We claim to respect individual rights
and freedoms

yet we smash anyone who behaves wrongly,
by which I only mean in ways
that we do not approve of

maybe it's a whore
fucking twenty men per night
maybe it's a virgin
who merely stands aside and waits

who the hell are any of us
to judge either one?

why do we assume
that what is right for us
is the path for everyone else?

we all have unique needs
emotional needs
religious needs
sexual needs
intellectual needs
and myriad other types

I will say nothing more
unhinged technically, i guess one cannot consider me a virgin. but so much time has passed since the one and only time i've had sex and it lasted for such a short time (thankfully) that i don't consider it much of an experience. sex is not an important thing to me and although i'm not so virginal it's laughable anymore, i feel shamefully inexperienced compared to most of the people i know. every day that passes, every friend i see hurt because of sex in one way or another, just the less and less appealing to me that the whole thing seems. i used to be upset that he didn't consider me a sex object but i see how he treats his sex objects and it is much better in my mind to be considered a friend. there are some days were life-long celibacy doesn't seem to bother me at all. so maybe one violently drunken experience is enough to keep one person once removed from their virginity for the rest of their life. i haven't quite decided. but the older i get, the more i see this obsession with sex everywhere whether it's biological or purely human (which i've been convinced that it's the latter) and the more it sickens me to the point of a lonely and apathetic perspective. in a lot of ways i guess i still am a virgin, and i've read enough of those stupid women's magazines to know that eventually, i might physically revert back to my current mental state. either way, i think i'm going to stay like this for a long time. 010719
Scarlet no, don't want any part of those. 011017
unhinged "it's weird to consider you a non-virgin now"

well i guess everything changes
R. This whole planet is insane. Why do people bother so much about relationships and crap? Why doesn't everyone realise that it always starts with Oooh! and Ahhh!, and then later there's running and screaming? Stay the fuck away from me, I'm not going to let any of you jerks fucking hurt me again. 020308
Freak completely innocent and absolutly pure 020513
littel_elf pure as the driven snow... whatever that means.

I plan to be a virgin for the rest of my life.

But plans are sometimes interrupted... i hope this one stays intact.
megan i am one. there isn't really much to say, other than it's very nice to still have an innocence at 16 that you don't have to relent and give up to childhood passing. it's like a part of the kid-me that can always be with me. i've been in a relationship with one guy for 13 months now, and all we've done is kiss. i just wanted to prove that it is still possible to respect each others' bodies, and have love for each other, yet not have sex. it's quite nice and refreshing. just play people... 021216
Anonymous24 ;) When I lost my virginity, I didn't come, which I found quite odd, as I was horny as hell. 030403
pepperdrinks is 21 to old to still cling to that precious virginity?

trixie virginity is only in your head, or it is only until you lose it. 030430
god ever been with a virgin nanny goat? 030620
endless desire wow you're annoying, demon. 030621
x demon - it's sad you don't respect. in all honesty you're a dick, and some day you'll realise the only ones who want your dick.. will be whores who don't care about your lack of integrity. 030719
inanna the virgin whore
onced adored
now bored
with the war
don't know
what it was for
to the core
we know
what the future
has in store
i am
a star
you're a star
love or war
love or war
it is all the same
we have many names
i was around then
her e i am
x what the flying fuck? well, i guess anyone who knew me would know that i didn't say that. realiZe ferchrissakes... i'm not british... 030723
Glory Box funny to watch their eyes get all tender when they find out.

and i think you were so close to kissing me and i talked you off with words about love and i bet her face was in both our minds.

my best friend wants me laid so bad her fingertips burn but i'm willing to wait.

little girl who took just say no all too literally.
mj met a 24 year old virgin male the other night... very attractive, outgoing, smart, said that it's just easier to form friendships with females when there's no threat there... i see his point, and very much appreciate it, i was able to relax instantly without worrying about being chased by the chaste. 030818
megan tainted
yet refined
your faint melody on the piano touches me in ways i never knew could be felt
your words bring tears to my eyes
the fingers, feathering my body lightly
you make me feel beautiful... not ashamed that i haven't been used and thrown away like many others.
i am new. i am virgin to your ways.
Fire&Roses Yeah, I'm a non-practicing virgin

shivers virgins unite
im not wondering
im happy as it is right now
thank u for this
krazy 20, male.
No rush, none whatsoever.
I learned how to masturbate.
Sex is the god of all those who watch too much television, too much tv.
Sex is the god of all those who roam the earth with an incomplete soul and a broken mirror.
He's not my god.
And I'm not a bible banger, either.
Go ahead, fuck every day you can with every one you can find to do it with.
Put some more poorly raised kids on this earth who join the Taliban and shoot kids at school.
Lets get some more AIDS infections around here.
Probably feels good, right?
Who cares.
Love is better.
Sex is not love.
nomatter Some days I long to be one again. 030924
Andrew Sier It's got to be a good thing, right?

When there's no_doubt, that's when you know it's wrong.
celestias shadow the thing is, I just don't care. I think it's frankly overrated. I'm sure I'll lose mine in the next couple of years, but the point is this- I don't expect **the first time** to be magical and happy and everything. I expect neither of us to have a very good idea what the fuck we're doing. I also expect when it's over, I'll sit there and say to myself silently 'well, we've passed that landmark. now I can actually move on to finding someone good.'

I'm accepting of the fact that I'm a virgin. Not proud, not embarrassed, That's the way it is. I just don't care. I don't see it as anything sacred or precious, and therefore don't see the big deal. What happens, happens, and that's all there is to it.
CYV PROUD MEMBER OF THE CYV (Crude Young Virgins) Core members = me, Molly and Sam 031130
nick from the wall in my favorite dive :
"To all you virgins out there, Thanks for nothing!"

Maybe I just never understood it.
I've never looked back on virginity with any nostalgic longing... but then I've never been one to play around with that. If it's not real, and it won't ever be love, it's just not worth it.

keep it in your pants kids!
lenore a_virginity_poll 031215
shine i'm not good enough for you because i'm not a virgin. i'm sorry i'm not perfect like you. i'm sorry i'm not "pure" and "innocent". i'm sorry you feel like i've already been known by another. i'm sorry i've been "used". i'm sorry i thought i was in love with another. i hate you! i hate you for the way you make me feel! i hate you for the way you make me feel corrupt, wrong, unworthy, dirty. i hate it the way you flaunt it, "i'm saving it" you say. fuck you! you push me past my limits and they pull away when i want something. i hate the way you make me feel. i hate the way i love you. i hate the way i feel. i hate you. i miss you. where are you? why won't you call? do you still love me? i hate this life 040124
x twisted x im a virgin and im not ashamed. i dont wanna have sex for the simple reason of not being ready. at 16 i think that most guys (and girls for that matter) just cant handle the resposiblilty that can come with sex. its like complicates things. so as in the saying ignorance is virginity is the same. i dont care what anyone thinks about me...i only care what i think about me..and im happy with my decision to wait. 040331
silentbob still. 040401
somebody dident realize how importent it was till I lost it
so is life I supose
dudeinanigloo Same here silentbob. And probably with more than half of the guys at my school too. 040427
kookaburra ok.
ive got to say.
when you look at your the jar of hair stuff on your desk, and you think that creme hairdress says creme hardness-
its time to get laid.
puredream "I didn't know you weren't a virgin."



frd When did it become a dirty word? 040622
Vanessa i really hope that "demon" guy up there happens to fall off a cliff
he takes pride in stealing the most preciousthing that a girl can ever have
the most precious thing that a girl can ever hold
I hope maybe one day you'll learn that life shouldn't be played out like that
(click cntrl+f, and search for "demon" on this page)
Fearless Leader i fail to see any inherent importance.

i never kissed a girl untill i was 15, not because of any reservations on my part, but becase of a lack of opertunity. that was the best kiss i've ever had, and it is sad that it was so long ago, and that my memory of it is fading, but i do not wish that i had waited longer. on the other hand, i have never lost much sleep over the prior opertunities i bungled. i expect that sex will be a lot like that.
shivers i lost mine in a blue car bed.
kinda funny after i thought about it.
imagine telling that one to your kids.
Rainbow If you haven't had sex, do you have to be a "virgin", even if you think the concept is retarded? If you avoid sex because you don't want to get pregnancy and STD's, does that make you "pure"? If it does not involve penis+vagina, is it not sex? If so, does that make all gay people virgins?

Rainbow Oh, and not being a virgin has nothing to do with the taliban..

dandy I misplaced my virginity at one end or the other of age 20, depending on definition. I think I was still sexually innocent for at least 2 years after that tho having no taint of letdown or cynicism.

pure fear of disease yes. we had condoms, we had spermicidal lube, we used birth control pills and little or no penetration, mostly between thighs stuff, but still terrifying rush of intimacy and trust and secrecy. we thought we'd invented the whole notion.

thank god it never occurred to double bag or would have. apparently this friction breaks condoms. I'm sure that would have to have had to have found that out the hard way.

took nearly 10 to lose innocence enough to venture into a sex shop and buy a toy. such shy kids we were. furtive looks at biology books in the library for years.

soulmates that we are, we're still together too. 14 years now.
SuperVixen I wish he hadn't taken mine with negligence 050131
Eleventyus theEleventyeth This word has no meaning anymore unless you take it to mean pure. News flash: people who are sexually active are not virgins.

Don't mince words here. There is no room, even though there is seemingly infinite room on blather.
peyton and now he's guilt stricken
with his head on the floor
thinks about her now
and how he never really wept
he says

can't be held responsible
she was touching her face
i won't be held responsible
she fell in love
in the first place

for the life of me
i cannot remember
what made us think
that we were wise
and we'd never compomise
for the life of me
i cannot believe
we'd ever die
for these sins
blueJessi I am realizing that no one will ever love me because the one who took it left me long ago. No one decent wants a woman who can only give something someone's already had. 070110
pete Jessi, that's completely untrue.

From Pete.
blue_j Sometimes I can't help but feel that way. He won't let it go. But I can't turn back time... 070110
fix wheres he gone?
shhh... ! don't tell my mummy!

last time i saw him he was crying..

he said he wanted to kill himself if he never saw me again.

i hope he didn't.

i went looking for him.. i think it was 1999 ?
went back to the beach where we used to hang out..
but couldn't find him.

Morgie was with me..

were is he ?

a can of coke saved my dads life.
what's it to you?
who go