psyki is not a magical age.
it's really not.
i don't feel any more special.
i don't feel anything.
MollyGoLightly I will be in Sydney, Australia when I turn 21. 000328
medea it was monday. my 21st birth-day. I remember thinking, as a girlchild, "I will be 21 in the year 2000". that was incomprehensible at the time ... and now I am 21 and I can go to all those clubs and dances and bars and preformances that were restricted because I didn't have the red stamp on my driver's license. and now it's 2000 and not really the new millennium but close enough, we're celebrating it all anyway. and 21 .. I didn't drink a single drop of alcohol on my birthday and that's okay, had I been drunk I couldn't have installed the new processor into my computer at midnight. I guess the geek in me takes precedence over the drunk in me. 000406
grasshopper soon to be.
will i become a drunk again?
MollyGoLightly medea..was that monday the 24th that was your birthday?
that's my birthday....
grasshopper I turned 21 a few weeks ago. I thought I would return to drinking too much, but I've only been out a few times and I've only bought one six-pack of hard lemonade so I could have a bottle with dinner once in awhile. What happened to my raging, aching lust for liquor? 000727
Dafremen Man 21 doesn't happen often does it?

When it does tho man...I say STAY!! No WAY the dealer's gunna beat that!

Then you can look him in his smugly smirking little face and say, "Slide those winnings MY way Mr. $10.00 an hour..." and watch it completely bum him out.
jennifer I will be working on Alice_dee

I'm scared
nanny I got really drunk, sang in public, made a complete @$$ out of myself. But hell, it was fun. 011011
josie it's everyone else's 21st birthday except for mine. I'm accused of being the oldest one in the room yet i'm not officially of age just yet.

Who cares, i can make-believe can't i?
unhinged yes, that's right. i'm almost 21. no one ever believes me when i say that. sometimes i like the fashion statement of the x's on my hands. hey look every single attractive and semi-mature man in this bar; i'm under 21. yes, i'm almost 21. and i got a big lecture about smoking from my father. and how if i ever needed a ride anywhere again i was going to have to walk if he ever finds another receipt for them. damn itemized receipts. damn them. i hate to tell you dad, but i have been for almost three years. i'm almost 21 dad even though you would insist that i'm still 12. and when i get away from this place, i will get far away. far far far away. so i don't have to trouble you with how stupid and immature and selfish and inconsiderate and lazy i am. 020605
sweetheart of the song tra bong We're not 21
But the sooner we are
The sooner the fun will begin

so get out our fake eyelashes
and fake IDs
and real disasters ensue

it's cool to take these chances
it's cool to fake romances
and grow up fast
Reverend Lough i like your parables,
and your invariable
fluent tongue.

i've read your words,
laced with passion and da da desire
to reach higher
than the one before.

i've got my eye on you......
u24 three years to go until my namesake is reached. 9 years till I'm thirty. huh. hmm.. harumph. :) wonder what I'll be like by then? 031220
noynat life ends quick. 21 stay here forever. I love my elders and never want them to go 040307
Philosophistry I still feel 17 040307
birdmad 1993

not nearly as debauched as my 20th birthday, but for being part of such a mixed bag of a year, it was pretty good.
noynat TELL_US_YOUR_AGE 040308
white_wave is 34 it was kind of sad and disappointing. On my 21st birthday, I went to a bar. So was time to show them I'm legal. They didn't even ask for my ID! And I know I look alot younger than my age. And then at age 30, i was still being carded. Huh? Don't get it. 040308
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