amy what I want changes every single slow second. 980906
velouria only one thing. life will be clear and bearable. 990302
Rainer I want to be perfect. 990318
r3 the number one drive in us all 990528
jordan drives us to reach our goals or not give up or maybe even end it all 990709
Bono Burning....
me? Sinews crackled in the heat
Of noonday raptured thrill
A moisture laden syncopated
Automated thrill
A handful of desirous needs
That's much too soon fulfilled
me? Sinews crackled in the heat
Of noonday raptured thrill
A moisture laden syncopated
Automated thrill
A handful of desirous needs
That's much too soon fulfilled
jennifer I burn
but with
amy what is this organ i have uncovered, this life of its own, yet owned by my thoughts, and how did i gain fancy? long solitude cultivates, one important connection finally expelled, and then rawness begins again to feel. desire inspires. 991220
marjorie I am the one
Who drives through the fog
And notices how the mist
Creates pistachio pudding
As it hovers over street lights
And by this
You have absolutely no idea
How much I want you.
amy wet warm person
oodles I made a book of desire for my art class. It was covered in plush red velvet and filled with things that describe desire--like the foreplay scene from Dirty Dancing and the poem "It's Your Name and It's October." My favorite part was the script that I wrote dedicating the book to all of those that I have wanted but couldn't have. The ones that made me quiver at their mere touch. Everything about them made me want more: their voice, their smile, their stubble against my cheek, their messy hair, their odd little habits that just make them all the more sexy. And now we're friends. I wouldn't say that the fire has been put out, but maybe I've just found some other way to keep me warm. I got an A. 000127
amy desire is like a biscuit
inside my backpack
that i keep forgetting about
because...well i don't know
i don't know why, i just do
you'd be surprised
how much time it takes
to find a biscuit
amongst all those leaking
batteries and pens and old scratch paper, cameras and books.
oh lordy, lord.
what have you done?

it's wet in the middle
with a shell around it
it's called life -queen B

dare i say it again?
desire inspires.
sweets bews Desire, I think, is a lovely trap to be in. The lack of contentment that swallows you whole. For you can't desire something you have, and so you continually seek for that which you grasp cannot obtain. And when you desire your pleasure comes from your dreaming, and it is your dreaming and is the drug to ease the pain of desire...for desire really is a curse. 000212
lotusflower1 desire makes you drool... 000212
lotusflower desire makes you drool... 000212
Free Why do we desire? Is it because we are incomplet? Is it because we're not satisfide with what we are? We are hollow and we see this so we desire to fill this void with various kindes of entertanement to take our minds off the fact of our insignificance. Why is there this need to be important 000411
birdmad did you feel the desire pour out like liquid electricity from the slow circling motions of my fingertips against your skin? The ebb and flow of my heartbeat trying to find yours, trying to achieve the symmetry and synchronicity of beating in time with you?
Or for all your sweet words and soft sighs, was your truest desire to be (with) somewhere (someone) else.
miniver Try and stop me.

I can't stop...
nameless me neither
I'm unstopable
frippy The word is used too readily
for chocolate bars and new
lisa_is_bionic Never thought you'd make me perspire
Never thought I'd do you the same
Never thought I'd fill with desire
Silent Bob A dry glass waiting for wine. aching for its bath. needing, craving, yearning for its response.
and gets it.
Thors Kitten Seeping, creeping wetness grows,
Needing release of passion's throes.
Yearning to please, need to be taken
You pull me to you and know that I'm shaking
You stroke my hair and pet my face
You turn me over with swift, dominant grace
I need you right now, You see?
I'm wetter.
You possess me with your body.
There, now I feel better.
samayyel is the hell from which i can find no escape 000606
simon the object of desire is external things:
food, sex, love, respect, fame, wealth.
but the object of the metadesire is
internal: it is a desire for a desire,
either for the continued presence of a
desire you have, or presence of one you
do not, or the absence of one you have,
or the continued absence of one you
have not.

e.g. alchoholic desires drink, but also
not desires drink.
and just as we can desire X and be
unable to get get X, we can desire not
to desire X, and yet be unable to not
desire it.

and if we can have metadesires, why not
meta-metadesires? an infinite regress?
we can have autodesires, desires that
desire themselves. this finishes the
hierarchy of desire with a loop.
Rebecca Desire is the hunger and thirst for that which one has not.
It tickles within the flesh,
as if it may jump out at you and scream,
And yet, accepting it causes chaos.
It's too much. It is too much.
It is the climax right before an orgasm.
Then, it is gone....
Rebecca To desire is to grasp a rainbow...
To achieve is to succeed...
Success requires a desire to achieve.
It is hard....Not IMPOSSIBLE...
The secret is perserverence
silentbob if my desire for her were a great steel chain the links would be so strong that half the population of bulldozers and semi trucks driving away from the other half of the population of bulldozers and semi trucks still wouldn't be able to pull it apart.

silentbob peaceful 000709
kim distraction 000712
kim sorry...with a capital "D"..."D"istraction 000712
ladyg he told me that desire was a weak word for his feelings about me 000805
nearcollapseliterally What do you want?
And what is their to say?
Clouds come,
They go away

Hoist off the pains
On which you have fallen
Use your best judgement
Time is a callin
Rebecca The desire of my affection
is the source of my affliction,
When I am fulfilled, I am totally free.
When I am unfulfilled, I have been manipulated, controlled, imprisoned.
Sorry to say, the choice is mine...
I cannot live either way.
I would die from the loss, yet my heart is dying. Will I be renewed? Will I recover in the shadow of your presence?
Will we grow stronger in each other's arms? Does love conquer? Only if the love is agape....
Rebecca Is desire a controllable emotion?
I guess it is for some...
I guess it depends of the object and intensity of desire...
I guess it depends on YOU...
silentbob how amazing it is.
what can once draw you towards it, make you need it, crave it, and then it can just fade away.
Rebecca The Ultimate turn on comes from within the mind.
The physical is not the attraction.
In the depth of my awareness,
being with you is the Ultimate turn on.
ubliss ***ubliss: The Ultimate Bliss***

Subject : Love & Desire

True Self = Self - Desire for Self (e.g. Material, Wealth, Power, ...)

True Love = Love - Desire for Love
(e.g. TOUCH, KISS, SEX, ...)

Those who know Love, do not desire for Love.
Those who desire for Love, do not Love.

Copyright 2000. 001106
ubliss ***ubliss: The Ultimate Bliss***

Subject : TAO & Desire v1.1

True Self = Self - Desire for Self (e.g. Material, Wealth, Power, ...)

True Love = Love - Desire for Love
(e.g. TOUCH, KISS, SEX, ...)

And True TAO = TAO - Desire for TAO

Those who know Love / TAO, do not desire for Love / TAO.

Those who desire for Love / TAO, do not know Love / TAO.

Copyright 2000.
Rebecca Moist, firm caress of lips...
entwined, enthralled in rhythmic dance...
A taste of desire, a desire for more without a heaven's hope of chance...
For now, alas just friends we be
attached to baggage of our own...
Much thoughts and yearning to be free
are seeds implanted in my mind which not yet have been sown...
Fear hesitates, Yet no hesitation of how I feel when I'm with you I am myself.
Myself and so real, full of hope and full of life and lost in feelings not so sure, so bad...You make me happy, more secure...Is this delusional?
I am not sure.
Rebecca My heart is heavy with desire for you
It is unseemly that you can feel the same because you are committed to be a victim of your own circumstances...
And I too, must confess am a victim of my own sorrow.
What I do shall not depend on you, but upon my own devise.
What will be, will be
I will always love you.
You may never know...
kx21 LESS for MORE
Whenever will be will be ...
lovers lament hot wax dripping through my heart, tearing capillary and vein alike apart, makes it hard to breathe, easy to need

sweet whispers, hot room.
desire take your form soon.
no more waiting-
just you.

copyright 2000
DedAce But look at it for what it is. It just sits there, useless and stinking up the rooms of your mind. Cluttering the heart with boxes of faded photos and dusty outdated clothes. Desire turns ones soul and body into an attic of self pity. Time for a yard sale, gotta unload the crap. 001202
misstree ah, but when you catch the object of your desire, drink so deep of the moment as it passes your lips, the sweet moment of bliss before it all falls to ash again...

it may be throwing yourself off a cliff to life a life dictated by desire, but it's a hell of a ride...

see you at the bottom...
me smiles at you and laughs He breathed her scent. as it eminated through brick walls,
out of seams and cracks around glass, seeping from god knows where,
to stir the organ between his legs, and make him stand back breathless;
wanting to flee and absolutely immovable
gwyllynne "Desire smiles in brief flashes, like sunlight glinting from a knife-edge... and there is much else knife-like about Desire. Never the possession, always the possessor with skin as pale as smoke, and eyes tawny and sharp as yellow wine. Desire smells almost subliminally of summer peaches, and casts two shadows: one black and sharp edged, the other translucent and forever wavering, like a heat haze.
Desire is everything you have ever wanted.
Whoever you are. Whatever you are. Everything."
-Neil Gaiman
Rebecca Desire eats at the heart...
causing hunger in the soul...
Obsession .
Agent008 you always want most that which you can not have 010118
the repeater unhinged

let me take it off
show you whats underneath
i could fit so well inside
your emptiness
such prisms leak and drip
no other dream that i could
bring to reality
you seem happier these days
the work an all-consuming fire
to eat up the hate
the partnership no longer
i could show you so much more
where my fingers want to wander
i stand
the pill of virtue melted
in the palm of my hand
i desire
unhinged just the little pieces of you
i want to hold
hearing your heartbeat
percussive in my ear
making you understand the depth of
this love that holds me
chains me
to you
i have been content with friendship
for too long
but it seems that you have just become
to tell me things you would tell no one else
to hit on me in a drunken adrenaline ridden stupor
to reciprocate a lustful touch
i would love to sit with you
my desire reaches far beyond the corners of lust
consumes me in this happy sadness
to know that you won't feel that way too
i could spend the rest of my life with you
but fame will soon split us apart
and i will forever be consumed in these dreams
of desire
vampers if only i could tell you my deepest desires, what i yearn for, what i want 010403
bluedaisy33 ...:if you really care about me please don't try to make me feel better because if i'm ok then the reasoning is gone and if the reasoning is gone then there is no excuses and I live for the excuses:... 010403
me adore 010404
me Brian 010723
Fire&Roses I knew I wanted you
But until you kissed me I had no clue
You kissed me first and pulled away
I followed after wanting to stay
And so I lose myself in you
All my desire pouring through
confabulation so overwhelming.
I pretend you are him.
sad and not necessary, but he is what I want.

He is what I THINK I want, but if I had one more night with him, maybe I wouldn't want him anymore. Its just the thought of never seeing him again thats so romantic to me. He is what I will never attain.
and if I could, maybe things would be more bearable again.

oh my desire: matt...
Bizzar Can be good, can be bad. Desire is something that burns in your heart, and as temptation rises, the fire burns hotter, and can only be put out by achieving it. I desire you, and you are tattood on my heart... 010917
pralines&cream ... is what i see when your pants begin to rise as we embrace
... is what ignites me and courses through me when i see that you're turned on
... is what causes me to take over, to throw you on your back, to force your hands above your head, to balance my naked body over yours, and smile devilishly as i enjoy myself with the infinite pleasures that your body provides me
... is what makes me want you badly, now, and yesterday, and tomorrow
... is what makes me hug my pillow at night, dreaming your body into my arms
... is what i can feel running through me, this very second
Keemeers I was once told that it was the word that would forever govern my being. My being as a Scorpio entity on this dreaded empty planet.

Then horoscopes became horrorscopes. My life became predictable by a piece of paper and a so-called Star Sign prophecy.

I am not a piece of paper. I am not the alignments of the stars on the moment I was born. I am not a number that can be calculated and pulled out from nowhere. I am not the same as any other that is born at the same time as me.

I am not a number.

And I do not like the word 'desire.' When you covet too much, you don't love what you have. And when you desire things, you keep wanting wanting wanting, never appreciating.
ice i desire jude law. 011114
bloodjetpoetry blood can be pretty

i want it to be ugly.
keepthecellsintact ...
Annie111 There are no words strong enough for desire.

It's too much for any one person to take, yet we would die without it.
Gene Loves Jezebel what you get is what you see 011218
ClairE like something is lodged in my throat but dissolving too

the knowledge that my whole soul wants to leap up
but i'm just locked to this small patch of the Earth.

I think it comes from being alone.
You can't really have another person. That is why we can continue chasing them forever.
revinicus i am filled with desire for someone, but i cannot let her know 020312
Syrope i remember the first time, my first flash of desire...we were in his pool and there was some sort of electric current in the water just from being within 8 feet of him. we didn't do anything, just watched each other. when we got out and went inside, our hands accidently brushed, and it was all over for what self-control we had pretended to have. i learned so much that day. later, exhausted and riding home with him and his dad, eating a peach, tasting the sweet and juicy flesh and wondering what taste i liked better..the taste of his flesh or of the fruit...that was the last time he and i ever saw each other. 020312
lycanthrope "How overpowering was my smile that night?"
"I don't know, you tell me" she says laughing.
"How overpowering was my confidence, I was a dashing Disney Rodeo Clown, secretly the best.....secretly

Their hands tighten around each others.

"May i kiss you?"
"Later perhaps" he says and feigns shyness.

How exciting this is, like learning a new language.

"You're not tired yet?"
"No, days could have gone by, i haven't noticed."

You wore that black bra for me to unbuckle, you let your bare chest press against mine-how unreal-
How alluring and demure-
that ancient world in my eyes-
where in cataloguing, magic
had not yet become science.

Your warm mouth and warm back
promising unspoken
words for what in a moment seems
like forever.

"You sure you're not tired?"
"No, days could pass, let them"
werewolf desire seems all about boundries, crossing mine or yours...sometimes i desire desire... 020313
girl_jane streetcar

Someday, I'd like to be involved in a production of that play...

J.O.Swackhammer how can you decieve me when you know that I desire 020315
Aaron i desire... oh so many things.. to many to list here but.. all so simple.. yet none of my desires feel atainable if i am to have my desires forfilled. 020316
somedaysam desire grips my heart and drips from the hot sun-soaked sidewalks and strangles the trees and pulses and pushes and pulls within me and cackles into nothing and everything and returns the echo an empty used carton and a sweltering memory of words thoughts actions feelings poured into the swooping starspecked skies like a thousand and one constellations just discovered and named after us everything's good harmony plays like the day after day after day of horoscoped landscape where everything has gone incredibly right and all of it is for you 020522
blue star that was awesome, sam.

just awesome.
somedaysam thank you bluestar 020522
Gene Loves Jezebel (1985) Oh, sugar
I've been
missing you
and, I've been wondering,
where it is your hiding

I've been a ball of fire,
in your arms desire
and I've been wondering,
where it is your hiding

What you get is what you seek - Desire
What you get is what you seek - Desire

Oh, honey
I won't be kissing you
and, I've been wondering,
where it is you're hiding

I've been a ball of fire,
in your arms desire
and, I've been wondering,
where it is your hiding

What you get is what you seek - Desire
What you get is what you seek - Desire

I've had my ear to the ground,
to the ground
I'm just trying to find
out what you're hiding

What is the mystery?

What you get is what you seek - Desire
What you get is what you seek - Desire
What you get is what you seek - Desire
What you get is what you seek - Desire
(i'll be a ball of fire
in your arms, [desire])
What you get is what you seek - Desire
What you get is what you seek - Desire
i never said i was perfect from the second i become concious of morning until the second i drift into a lustful world of dreams
i am driven by desire
every time i see you
you and your stupid hair
your stupid shoes
your stupid jeans
your stupid t-shirts
every time i remember you
you and your stupid jokes
your stupid movies
your stupid plans
your stupid games
every time i remember me
me and my stupid naivety
my stupid crush
my stupid trust
my stupid desire
every time i pass your house
your favorite store
your car
... and you
i am taken over by desire
desire for relief
desire for closure
desire for what could have been
what could have been but never was at all
desire. for. you.


if only you desired to notice
~gez~ mine is to with you 021019
azure oh i've been missing you my honey ... 021209
azure Ben 021209
lost i think my flame of desire for a couple things has gone out. im giving up. defeat has overtaken me. pain has shown me where i stand...alone 021209
Insat The need to be needed my only desire. 030206
sed not to want

but to want to want
Hairthief what do you want?
what do you need?
what do you desire?
Insat I want more,
I need less,
my desires are secret.
Insat Insatiable 030206
Novice I don't desire money, food, sex, anything but one him...I love him my heart my soul and all. He'll always be mine, I'm too far right now, I but I'll be closer soon, I know. MY desire once over took me for a weekend, I went crazy trying to find him,'s controlled. He's distance remains the problem 030425
Fire & Roses Not quite true love, but so much more then lust. Simple passion and complicated feelings... Desire 030708
Maura Llewelyn i desire empathy 030721
ducki drips from my face
and evaporates
gwyllynne fear 031112
RedArmageddon Laura Ann 031113
scorpion heart for many...viagra!!!! 031119
Love Is All You Need want
taen if what you desire will destroy you... 040103
mandy normal 040105
apathy Is the cruelest joke that god has played on mankind 040327
ethereal I desire nothing. 040327
ethereal so guess what prince charming?

I have no use for you.
Mahayana once again, desire -
that looser of limbs and bitterly sweet -
makes me to tremble
you are irresistible ....
finngwen _early_morning_ 040526
Raina In the car, I told him I had no desire to kiss him.
And I meant it with every inch of my being.
I tried to say it gently, because I know the sting of rejection...

If he were the last man on earth, I'd start dating cucumbers.
phil I tried to cut his balls off gently. 040816
acidshank i found someone i cant get off my mind. horoscope is alot to do with it. we are both pisces. pisces always go well with eachother. i think they are the strongest match in starsigns. i understand him so much.
i cant wait to hold him. to caress him. feel his sweet energy flow all around me. inside me.
i cant wait to pleasure him like the vision of him has pleasured me.
i can not wait to feel him grow against my leg. in my tight embrace. to feel his feelings. kiss his kiss
desire has been pulsing. for days.
question_mark "Those who restrain desire, do so because their's is weak enough to restrain"

I desire someone to be all the love songs I've spent my life listening to...
grendel did she set me alight just to watch me flicker and fade as i had been about to just before she came along?

(every night i burn
every night the dream's the same)
shivers hm, hm... if i werent afraid to say 041124
orchid It can only be resisted for so long
this burning longing need
I want to stroke his skin
brush my lips agains his
hold him
hold him
hold him
inside of me untill
our souls touch
bohemian_heart what is desire?
It varies from a slight anxiousness to a strong emotional yearn to an actual physical burn.
I'm burning...
burning burning burning
shivers my disease 050106
karyn that inexplicable tug towards something. Your instincts all tell you that the acquisition of this thing will be nothing short of amazing. The guilt from the selfish pleasure this thing will derive is what stops you from following your desire. The longer you think about it, the more complicated the guilt becomes, and the further away the satisfaction becomes. Sometimes you are so overwhelmed, however, that in a perfect moment, the consequences and the guilt just melt away. There is this beautiful moment in which all things that you desire are yours. 050529
anne-girl wanting something, because it's good
wanting more
wanting even more
getting it, because you can
sickening of it and throwing it away

moving on to another thing
anne-girl sometimes the desiring of something is better than getting it 051106
tybalt tickles
for a while
drives like rain

and, having fallen,
evaporates to form again

far out at sea
frazer can you desire to desire 060924
Syrope i told him i needed more desire.

i don't think he understood. maybe that should be something i demand right off the bat.
srealisma when i get myself in a fix, it usually becomes clear that i have a life of submission to a higher plan. when i'm aware, when the light is on, is when my role is significant only by its virtue of being miniscule.

Also i start to get kind of pre-angry that i will be forced to endure something that will break me. It's a fear. My desires are nothing when not strong enough to take these other aspects of life for granted-

Perhaps you are taking something for granted. Perhaps that is why we are not the same. Perhaps there is not an inclusive reason or system for you to understand me. Perhaps there are higher forces that can clue you in appropriately.
what's it to you?
who go