mikey oh my lord. could it be? 010312
mikey YES YES YES HE SHOOTS HE FUCKING SCORES!!! mother of god i got DROOL! DROOL ive got DROOL! man that sounds sick. oh well DROOL BABY MY WORD MY WORD MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE. me me me. nobody else has drool but ME. it is mine and you CANNOT have it.

johnny west I've got david_byrne's_tonsils all to myself! I'm kindasorta sexyish! 010312
johnny west That should have been david_byrne's__tonsils 010312
god hey pedro, sit and drool 010430
Maria I hate it when I drool on my pillow.

Especially when people come in my room in the morning.
purr when my cat comes in my bed, i make it purr so much that it shakes its head like a bull dog and splashes happy dribble on my face, not the best thing in the middle of the night i must say. 071020
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