andrea it's not my favorite thing to do
i do it if i have to
never been quite the best
practice makes perfect
but i prefer to go on with
that imperfection in my character
amy sometimes, i think about what multicolored hair looks like. 991228
Tess it took a lot of courage for her to bang her head against the wall. to find a way to survive and not be in denial.

i was scared, but happy, for her.
last gave up trying to figure out my head got lost along the way 000613
Amy The most favorite thing in the whole world for my husband to get. LOL!!! 000727
Finks The most favorite thing I like to get!!! 000822
vaginal blood fart go get a movie called "head". the monkees made it w/ jack nicholson. zappa is in it. 001016
Fly You were in my mind all night.
Flying every way you could.
Taking me places i forgot about.
Why must i stay in focus.

Rid me of this thing they call love.....
Quigz It sits on top of my neck. There are scary things inside. Occasionaly they get out and go for walks at night. 010102
Jamin If you... I don't know - tension.
Far more appropriate a thing to be dealing with - Relaxation.
The law of reversed effort -
When I try to relax,
And I'm aware of what I'm doing,
I seem to find myself
Contracting those very muscles
Which I had first intended to relax.
piercedjenny eat it or you'll die. eat it and you'll die fat. don't eat it and you'll start to look good again.

just one more pill won't count, it can't hurt. just don't do 2 or 10 or 20. you'll be ok. don't do just one, if you're going to give up sobriety go all fucking out. forget the pills go for the powder. mmm...lines... you remember the thrill of the rush uo your nose.


Echos. Emptiness. Thoughts bouncing around. When the voices leave all I am stuck with is this amazing desire to not look at food and to chemically enhance my body.

My head deceives my heart and I am alone.
Juve Look, I like it and it ain't nuthin wrong wit it. And I srtongly dislike the girls who hate on the ones that do it. If you do it, then do it; you don; then you don't. But I don't see nuthin wit a lil bit of head here and there. Lol. Now am not saying I am the type of guy that only likes head but I would choose it over having sex with that same chik though. And i must say, ain't nothing better than gettin head from a fat chik. You know you aint gone fuck her, she knows it so she just gone keep doin it. Lol. Am done, but Holla back at me. Juve, Juvenile. 011207
lildevilchic the best gift you could possibly give 011208
Allison Head...

It keeps spinning and spinning in circles. It goes on day and night, night and day.

Why does it keep moving? I wish it would stop. Stop, head, please. Just stop.

Do I really want it to stop? I'm not sure anymore. Maybe I enjoy all the spinning in circles.

I wish my head wouldn't confuse me so. If it exploded, I wouldn't have to worry anymore.
smatz yeah 020131
Juve Strongly, i think head saves lives. It's good for you. It's something mental from the female to the guy. i know of a situation where this friend of mines was going to do something he'd never done before. It was a very bad thing, but by his girl giving him head before he left, he changed his mind, she made him think, he used his head. see head saves lives because had she not done that he would have killed someone. 020721
pralines&cream mine itches 020808
A.J. a beautiful thingy 021130
lala i luv head actually 021130
me There is nothing in my head anymore. It's sprt of dead in there. But only because there are too many thing buzzing their way around in there and it all blends into a brown haze so it's everything but it really feels like nothing and if everything is nothing then maybe nothing is everything. So if I can clean it out then I feel alot better. So maybe now all I gotta do is

Get Cotton Swabs
alan ache 030304
rhonda intense thoughts fill,
existing only to me
the one thing that is mine
and when I am finished with them
when they no longer give me comfort,
I dispose
constance love it
nuf said
Bizzar Nothing better than knowing Im the only one in the world who exists to him at that moment, that Im the only one who makes him feel that good, his expressions, the noises he tries not to make... its never been better than with him. I would do it every day. 031102
nothing my head.it reminds me everyday of how fucked up i can be. how fucked up i want to be. my brain is eating the rest of my body. pretty soon it will become something like my mothers... decayed...rotted.... broken. 040510
spam many things all at once
too many ideas
too many voices
shouting, screaming, whispering
make them stop!!
Xeneth Sparda voices in it, like to get it. 040915
tom-tom theres nuthun better than gettin head from the one you love.
as for the voices...
they just wanted to be heard. now they sing.cool huh?
haha while watchin porno 041125
mjh yours are funny, they make you pretend to be deep. because it's so cool to be misunderstood. 051025
koli I have this picture in my head
f me and you
but who are you?
A shadow? An ideal never reached?
And where are you?

(In your head...)

In my head but where else?

in your head)

Is that all you;ve got to say?
I hate it when you/re in my head
I hate to hear your voice?
I hate to know that you are right
You are only in my head
You don;t exist, my nonexistent ideal.
phil "You want to write me?"


"Hello, my name is speak."

Hi speak!

"Forty-seven watermelon crossed the globe. They were headed out for our friends. They are speak too. They spoke to you, in palabric tones."

I saw cows and rainbows. My eyes are made out of pudding.
talks to self ...the voices in there 070501
long gone i tried to figue out my head. now i cant stop. i must find the end of it. i think it may have driven me insane 070501
no reason mine is tired
it needs deep, uninterrupted sleep
Abbie My head is killing me. 080304
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