silentbob said he had a fixation for frank zappa
and he sent me a burn of his copy of waka jawaka
i took him to a cd store to show him what zappa they had
but he already had all those cds
so he bought me the Hopeless Records Hopelessly Devoted To You compilation
punk music is good.
Brad Waka Jawaka is one of my favorites! It's one of zappa's underappreciated albums... most people prefer Hot Rats or even Zoot Allures. I like both of these records also. 000622
Barrett Zappa and the Mothers Live at the Fillmore 71' 000623
Philifledermaus Don't forget the asteroid Zappafrank, out there somewhere, or the fact that the Latvian town of Vilnius reveres him and has built a statue of him in the town square.... Can't remember WHY though?

For the record, it's got to be a split between Roxy and Elsewhere, and Freak Out
Brad Jazz from hell... G-Spot Tornado. 000705
millie "satan" paullette squidlery i saw ike willis w/ the band project object. i went up and talked to ike. they played songs off of 20 different zappa albums AT LEAST. ike is smarter and cooler than god. darker too. 001103
god i can't argue. i can only say:

"oh god i am the american dream, but now i smell like vaseline, and i'm a miserable son of a bitch. am i a boy or a lady? i don't know which."

-bobby brown goes down
god 010224
sam "Freaking out is a process by which an individual casts off outmoded and restricting standards of dress, thinking, and etiquette in order to express CREATIVELY his relationship to his immediate environment."

but really.
dB Watermolon and Easter Hay. It's the second to last track of Joes Garage (one of the best albums of all time goddammit!). That is my favorute Zappa track. It's just so damn...ugh... it just is.

*Much Peace*
god duke_of_prunes 010605
nah....! watermelon_solos, you_have_been_in_me


if i had the power, i'd zip zap to the past and ask you to meet_me_at_the_beach


i love your magic_hands
i love your thirsty_voice


i love this secret_understanding
JdAwG Girl, you thought he was a man, but he was a muffin.
You followed him around till you found that he didnt know nuthin'
god h 041109
The Sunny One What would Frank do? 050421
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