divine madness Maniacal paranoia showered on
in this epic of inner isolationism;
carved by a black blade of envy,
tossed behind a dead, diabolical scheme
a secret
disguised in a complex aura of ache
Invalid and absurd..
Ridiculously unfrivolous;
A dramatic annoyance,
monstrous in every way;
eating and gnawing at ….
Making one callous and cold,
Lost in a dimension
of dehydration and vindictive shadows..
Forever to die inside
Though live out
.fallen nope, not me .... I'm not fixated on ANYTHING 040226
daxle you'd think they had just appeared on my body, considering how preoccupied with them i am suddenly 040712
viator theres this fixation. i have no fixation. no fixation here. what fixation? am i suggesting i'm fixated on this fixation? never! fitfully i am frightened from my fixation, onwards outside, nicotine nation.
no fixation here
grendel in an animalistic mindset many...

maybe too many.

most of them sexual.

i'll leave it at that
gja you cant have too many. without them you wouldnt be you.
your heart is fixated on pumping blood to your extemities. youre fingernails are fixated on extending out beyound your finger tips.
god panda_fixation is sweeping the nation 070215
Lonbot I dreamt I was shot in the head it was not very painful I felt the bullet and darkness slowly encroached "look at his heart slowing down" they said 130912
unhinged aversion 130912
unhinged they_kissed 130912
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