amorfus It seems that
"credo quia absurdum est"
(i believe it because it is absurd)

is just another way of saying:
"whatever you believe is true"
MollyGoLightly I had to write about this for one of my finals last week...jean paul sartre and all that rot...camus and camus and camus..pleh 000515
miniver Purple suspenders. Rrr-ah-ah. 000515
michelle This feeling is absurd. Everything is absurd. More than anything tho, this feeling is absurd. I feel sick. I'm going to puke. I want to hurt something, someone. Then they'll feel absurd too. My girlfriend is so horrible, insensitive, why do I put up with being treated this way? Why do I take it? She is so hateful and snide. I sat and cried and told her all of my feelings and how sad and unloved I've been feeling. She said, "You never let me fuck you." I am absurd. I wish I just weren't. 000625
silentbob Absurdity 000725
ricky "i think that life is absurd." - art alexakis 011109
nah....! oh, it's all absurd, it's all fucking absurd.

Death of a Rose life 031014
andru235 it's ridiculous, really 050307
me you are you hoplessly absurd. you find no beauty in life...
it may be absurd
but you need to make it into something
so much more!!
do this before this world drowns in it's own self-pity, gloom, and pessimism.
unhinged a vocal teacher/singer told me i had a good scream tonight/last night

and i used the ///// twice
talk about fucking absurd
unhinged i refuse to change fundamental aspects of my personality but i wonder why i am still alone

they say relationships are about compromise. eartha kitt would disagree.
what's it to you?
who go