charles more then i know. i can't feel anything anymore. it is much too much. too much. stop. 990303
Owen Ty Kahle of what is not is mostly what i could have seen but did understanding do what should have rather been and not seen. mutch (sic) of this is meaningless but i think it's less than "more" 990309
daxle "Not too much. Much too much."
"You're the president of the much too much fun club"
"Well you're the winner of the much too much fun award"
he's too much fun.
Tess much is a lot
i say to you
just stop

the limits
screw up

and out of fairness
just like a raccoon

you deserve it all
not not much.
ravenly perfect 001218
psychobabe so much to say in so little time. Much is such a word of extremities... 010412
katie much of what i do is prompted by the desire for attention.


will i ever outgrow myself?
psychobabe you know, dont you find it amazing how people can write what they feel? i think that..we write what our brain meerly tells us, but what we really and truely feel, is something that no one will honestly understand. Its like, what i felt when i walked outside onto our porch, and stood there in the wind listening to what was going on around me, and just staring into an abiss, i felt what i think.

I just thought about it, and knew i could never write anything that could compare to what i acutally felt. It was kinda sad tho think about it all..because no one will know what i felt. Or maybe they've felt it but havent realized it? I wouldnt know...but i know what i felt, and i felt alive, wanted, needed, and everything else.
lucy God, I love You so much! 060319
forlater I've had a little bit too much. 090126
what's it to you?
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