silentbob well i like being with her
but she can get on my nerves
i like having someone
but i never see her
i like having one person to fool around with
but shes never there TO fool around with, and theres lots of other girls who SEEM to want to....
moonshine Don't compare me. Don't compare me to Jazzy, I didn't leave a baby behind for rocksalt and flatbeds for a snow storm. Dont compare me to brie, yellow capped rape. I did not scream. Do not compare me to Donna, I did not sleep with the foot ball team. 000922
CinnamonGirl I tell you I never compare you cause I know I wouldn't like being compared
when infact that's what I do all the time, to this guy I don't allow myself saying his name here anymore. I'd tell you about all the comparetions I do to you but you'll be offended cause you told me I'm the little 15 you like most in the world when you're not mine, actually I despise him sometimes. like now he's such a fake sometimes
emily when you compare you take 2 things

that are unalike

and try think of things

that they have

in common

its strange

very strange

to compare

i'd rather contrast things

its easier

or maybe to

compare and contrast



thats about it...

what's it to you?
who go