hahaha "Do not try. Do or do not. There is no try" 000106
opheliac I don't think I'll try again 000123
WoNDERGIRL Can't you try, just a little harder, when I need you to? It doesn't matter much if I can't reciprocate it. It doesn't matter to me. 000528
forgotten so many times.. will you ever know how many times i struggled, how many times i tried?
i was never real to you, damnit.
i was always secondhand.
i betrayed, i went against what i knew was right. to reach you, to try to be close to you, to try to let you know that i wouldn't leave, that i would be there for you.
it never mattered to you, it never made a difference.
and now you're mad at me, because i said something wrong. because i said something wrong trying to help you.
i can't do this anymore.
i don't know where i'll go, but it can't be here.
chanaka can you at least TRY to not nausiate me? it's fine that you cuddle. just don't do it in front of me! you disgust me. try and act like human beings, instead of cats in heat. and i will try to not puke, and or kill you. ok? ok. 010117
sad I try.
I try to be everything you want me to be.
I try to make you happy.
I try to tell you you are the one.
I try to compliment you.
I try and try and try...
and i only succeed in making you go further away from me and making you mad.
maybe i should quit.
monadh to be truthful to myself and others 010314
mareberry every word i utter is a failed attempt to tell you how i feel about you. and when i look at you i can't find my words and i just stumble through a mess of nonsense, tripping on my heels and falling face first to the ground.

i try. i try. i try.
i fail.
Jamin It's when you
try not to try
That things start happening.
brooke scarbourgh i try so hard...why dont i matter...why cant i ever have you...why do u always have to be someone else's?
will i ever be that gurl?
i try to make you see how much i care
i try to make you see that i can be that one
i try, and i try and i try
you dont seem to see me tryin so hard
maybe i should stop caring and stop wanting and stop trying and u'll realize that you've lost something great
only i cant cause im addicted to u
Inanna Try it before you shun it
Try it before you judge it
Try it before you fail
Try it before you succeed
Try it before you go to jail
TRY IT after you research it
Annie111 I'm trying, god, if you only knew.
I'm trying not to feel those nails scrape down the outside of my heart.
I'm trying to love you.

I'm actually not trying to forget him.

God, I don't know if I can.
ClairE Janis_Joplin. 011217
melinoma try to do somthing that truly makes you happy every day just so you dont go insane 020611
trin sometimes i wish i didn't try too hard.
then i could write what's inside, and not what is expected.
sometimes i wish i didn't try too hard.
then i could be who i am.
jen the first step to failing 040218
Casey We find something we like and we try and hold onto it. It is so rare and precious that we foolishly save it. You can't save it though, and you never really do learn to let it go. 040309
once again Victory in defeat... is not admiting defeat. You can be down, but as long as you refuse to go out you are still victorious. Strength when there is none Hope without reason. Endurance without end. To try is all the strength that matters.

It matters.
Joshua James Trying again to find myself. So many different pieces on the floor, and I don't have enough tape to keep it together. I put everything I had into you, and I couldn't have been more stupid,. Just for the simple fact I knew and know who you are. I saw this coming so long ago, but after 3 years the thought faded. I was always the point of the finger, always me. It was never I to blame it was you. I tried to find myself then, tried to fight back for me, but you always broke me down. I was twisted around your finger. Now I have broke the finger off and threw it back at you. I want nothing of yours to keep to try and remind me of you. Unless one day you try to find who you are and be the person I love again. I will however never be the person you knew. You think you know me so well, well try years of being hurt and see how that changes a person. Kind of shitty because of every decent person I meet now, because of you I will never allow them to get close. Try being truthful now, try being yourself, try being human, instead of trying to be what everone else wants. Stop trying to be a promiscuous heartless bitch. Stop trying and letting yourself be the pbject of lust. Better yet keep trying at it. I hope you try and become what you want, just to watch you fall. Liar 050318
Its not me I try not to be nervous around you, but I can't help it. The way you kiss me like you want me, the way you touch me like you need me. It sends shivers down my spine. I cant help but be nervous around you with every emotion going through our bodies. You scare me sometimes. 050319
no reason i am trying not to try but i'm not very good at it 100312
no reason i try so hard all the time 100503
thy i wont know unless i try

some people say that there isnt any such thing as trying, only doing and not doing. i say, if you try to lift a car, but you dont, you still tried. you didnt do it, but you did try. that exertion of effort is doing something, even if its not sucessful; you still did something: you tried.

some say that trying is just form of not doing, and while thats sometimes true ('clean your room!' says the parent. 'im trying!' says the boy eating cheetos, watching t.v.), it is often not true. i say that without trying, truely trying, striving, nothing worth anything would ever be accomplished.
thy i truly need to learn how to spell in order to be a successful blatherskite. 110824
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