jennifer girlwholikesgaymen: hey boodle
dylans_guys_guy: hey
dylans_guys_guy: :)
dylans_guys_guy: k
dylans_guys_guy: how e u
girlwholikesgaymen: I e fine
dylans_guys_guy: that;s good
girlwholikesgaymen: cool...
dylans_guys_guy: what is blather about?
girlwholikesgaymen: I really cool thing I found
girlwholikesgaymen: writings and stuff
dylans_guys_guy: cool
dylans_guys_guy: did you watch burn the floor?
girlwholikesgaymen: huh?
girlwholikesgaymen: burn the floor?
dylans_guys_guy: yeah the dance show
girlwholikesgaymen: um... I'm gonna say no.... was it on tv?
dylans_guys_guy: yes
dylans_guys_guy: it was wonderful!!!!
dylans_guys_guy: gorgeous guys
girlwholikesgaymen: damn... and I missed it....
girlwholikesgaymen: was it on last night... what channel?
dylans_guys_guy: it was on pbs
girlwholikesgaymen: oh.....
dylans_guys_guy: depends on your area what day/time
girlwholikesgaymen: I'll have to check it out... they always show things like that again
dylans_guys_guy: :just finished dancing, lifting, and working his abs
girlwholikesgaymen: rowl.... can I watch next time?
dylans_guys_guy: if you want
girlwholikesgaymen: tee hee.....
dylans_guys_guy: my cat is licking my chest
girlwholikesgaymen: really
girlwholikesgaymen: *sniff* I had to take my cat to the vet
girlwholikesgaymen: she got her shots and some drops for her ears
dylans_guys_guy: dear
dylans_guys_guy: is she okay now?
girlwholikesgaymen: yeah... she just scratches a lot... of course she did that before, so I don't know if she's any better
dylans_guys_guy: oh
dylans_guys_guy: poor thing
girlwholikesgaymen: :is listening to oldies... I think
girlwholikesgaymen: can't get the UK station on my net radio
dylans_guys_guy: i like the turkish station
amy play with yarn and tie me to the ground. 991207
deb such elegant creatures
so beautiful in their purpose
gods to the egyptians and many others

i wonder, if the ancient egyptians
saw how frightened by a simple
cats are,
would they have worshipped them at all?
Sol without us you are not you eat from us breed from us walk how we want you to walk look how we want you to look think how we want you to think (unfortunately dont smell how we want you to smell) GO ON!!! Rebel you know you want to, yes you see mavis over there, in that chair? you know you want to just walk over and talk to her, go on, scare her, yeah go on, what are you? a Tiger or a tourtoiseshell? 010328
fnord TAKE OFF EVERY ZIG 010621
Toxic_Kisses I own two, one tabby named Fido and a beautiful orange and cream striped medium haired 7 toed one named Spike. I think there great for hugging when there’s no one else around to hug, they also make good foot warmers when I'm in my bed reading ^.^ 011011
blown cherry Sleek, beautiful and proud.
Conceited and arrogant,
yes, but not in an ugly way.
Feel amazing to touch and hold.
So warm,
feeling the heart,
beating fast through the rib cage in my hands,
making me feel alive.
Bestow affection on you only when is convenient for them.
Always have an alterior motive.
Love you for their own purposes.
god cats were made for skydiving 020812
blown cherry how_to_own_me 020812
josie No one's really allergic to cat hair so to speak.. it's the saliva that's licked onto the cat hair that then becomes air-bourne which can make us sneezy or wheezy! Silly cats, always going about licking stuff.. 020828
daxle they stare at you indignantly for chewing chips too loudly and waking them up
they find toilet flushing and shower taking fascinating, but will claw you if you try to involve them
they sweep around their food dishes despite there being nothing there to cover the food
they provide nearly constant entertainment, being enigmatic even as they sleep
angie go meow 021228
josie thekittenphenomenon 030321
night much better than people. i have 4 and i love them all. 030321
jolie I have a cat named Baby. He's named that because that is exactly what he is. When he sleeps he's that I mean he's so indifferent to what you are doing to him that you can put him in any position you like (I'm fond of all 4 legs in the air) and he's fine with it as long as he gets to sleep. But when he does wake up and move about the way he looks at me is as if he knows he is way smarter than me, but having no vocal cords and humans being as unperceptive as they tend to be, he has no choice but to meow and lead me to him food bowl of kitty litter to blatently show me the next task he would have me do. He is quite content being dependant. 030401
april n i love my cat. 040207
bird all_your_base_are_belong_to_us


both, not at all surprisingly asleep
jenny enny dots my cat stares at me all day long. what is she thinking? 040207
olive the cycle of human like for cats:
little kid: LOVES CATS
preteen: starting to show disdain towards them and get annoyed
teen: fucking HATES cats. they're fucking annoying and they throw up on everything. (too similar to teenagers)
teen moving towards maturity: realizes how cool cats actually are, wises up and ditches the dog for the cat.

Bea dish that, smack that, pick that, nick that.
Tinker, Tailer, Jedi, Sailer.

i walk the street and camouflage my identity,
yeah everybody wears a mask but how long does it last ?

Dennis one, Bart one.
Bia these silk cut lights SHIT where are the ones from the film ? give up slow, don't stress in the woods, this is not the central line you know, this is Strawbewy Hill ! 070723
icle i need to do a wee wee tho. 070723
Feline Friend Cats are awesome. They are furry and petable. You will like them or else I will getcha. 080722
mustard fluff bombs

love sponges

biscuit makers

i miss mine
suicidalchinadoll keep you in the present.
by demanding to be fed when you could roll over and sleep for 3 more days. Even phone calls from work are less insistent.
mustard fuzz nuggets 080723
in a silent way i like dogs well enough (when they like me, at least), but i've always been more of a cat person. it feels like there's more of a bond there. and i'm convinced they have some sort of sixth sense for when something is wrong and you're in need of some affection.

a few years ago i was over at a friend's house. most cats are friendly with me, but thomas j. o'reilly (his dignified-looking black and white cat) could take me or leave me. usually he would let me pet him for ten seconds and then walk away.

this night i was a bit of a mess, though i was doing my best to hide it from everyone else. thomas knew what was up. he jumped up on my lap and wouldn't leave me alone all night. when i started to get up to go to the bathroom at one point, he looked at me and purred as if to say, "where the hell do you think you're going? you stay right here."

though his name was of clear irish derivation, i always enjoyed saying hello to him with a faux-french lilt. toe-maaaas. he seemed to enjoy the sound.

funny guy, that thomas.
in a silent way (also, the blathe "cat's_diary" is wonderfully funny and well worth another read) 130111
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