me? what, you don't all go to _sleep_ at night, do you? thats when all the fun things happen... 991210
BoofPixie sometimes jerry springer wakes me up.
ooooooooo lawd, that makes me mad.
Ren Sleep is a thought I keep in mind nd neve get to use, Some time I think I m here alone watching the night turn to day tdo sleep just once one day away 000126
kari sometimes, going to sleep is just an excuse to go masturbate 000126
doggy in with i slowly fell asleep
(only by imagining dust being swept
under the far corner of a thick
oriental rug)
MollyCule don't feel bad for me
i want you to know
deep in the cell of my heart i am
so very glad to go

sing me to sleep
sing me to sleep
i don't want to wake up on my own anymore . . .
moonshine nightmares?daymares?lightmares? 000522
Barrett Kari is cool. 000726
marjorie putting you under
you'll sleep through it all...
what's that?
a knife?
fuck modern medicine.
Beniamino I wonder if anybody's still here.
I'm usually asleep, most of the time. Seldom am I awake; not in the Californian-consciousness-enhancing-pseudo-Buddhist-transcendental-altered-state-of-mind "awake," but awake to what shows itself to me as somewhat other than objectively present at hand, or available for my use. Sed tantum dic verbum et reanimatur anima mea. How can I be awake if I cannot (be) conscious of what happens after my fingers leave the plastic, or what happens to each hair on the head of the one who is sleeping peacably in the next room, while I sit... here?
brooke scarbourgh where do you go when the rest of the world goes to sleep? do you sleep with them, or will you lie awake with me? 020409
~gez~ ill sleep next to you, with the comforting thought you'll never join them with me for all time 020901
bethany i've been asleep all day
it's 8 pm
working at 5 am really makes you feel like a bum
when you wake up
from being asleep
blown cherry While you're asleep
and far from here
I sit wakefully
and miss you.
So to sleep I'll go
because in my dreams
you are never far away.
Sarta and how can I not fall asleep dreaming of you? 030405
lou_la_belle ahhh! to much energy!
i'm surrounded by sleepy people and i can't get out!
lou_la_belle it seems that years later I am still cursed by sleepy people. Asleep you are no use to me! 090411
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