DardenQuinn rug be such a funny word, yes? 010113
Quiggz "I can't believe it! I'm losing to a rug!" 010113
Quiggz rug a bug a tug a lug

I think, when I become king, instead of having people roll out a red acrpet for me
I will have them
roll out a nice thick
shag carpet
A nice maroooooooon one. It seems as though
it would be
Much more comfy to
PinkSnowStorm And just who says *you* get to be king, mister? *wants to be king* Waitasec..yeah. And who's going to have to vacuum this shag rug? my grandma had a horrendous green and yellow shag carpet in her living room. It's easy to lose things in there. Hey, wanna elope? 010119
quiggz I'm a mellon. I can't elope...
can't elope... cantelope..... get it?
*Badabum, CHING*
PinkSnowStorm Mark, the devil loves you.
: )
See? He's smiling.
Enough Talkie.
More kissie.
TalviFatin Funny funny funny word. Rug. The way is sounds. The way it feels in th back of your throat..and hits your top palette (sp?).... 011105
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