Shar I think that's my greatest asset. 000325
Equin0x Horrible word. It goes with other words like slash and slit and torn. Too vulnerable. I want to wear something with a high neck and long sleeves so that nothing sharp can bite at me. 000524
grasshopper I have a thing about people touching my throat. I think I got choked too many times when I was a kid. I used to flinch when people put there hands within 5 feet of my head, now I let people closer but squirm away if they come anywhere close to my throat.

my mom likes my neck
circe mine's still sore. in one spot. little red marks. i need to stay at home more. 001213
sabbie long
so beautiful
so vulnerable
to look at that vein
is to look at death
the temptation is almost too much
i want to touch

my fingers twitch...
my body yearns...

and i wish like hell we weren't just in the street
girl_jane I've been biten.

I'm bleeding.
shade of human being read on the CUT.throat.Cut.
temptation is almost too great
DIFFERENTIAL All necks of all animals except the Alpha Predators are vulnerable. Alpha predators are either too tough-skinned or too sharp-fanged to yield. However the mammal alphas are slightly compromised in invulnerability: no lizard scales. Ever take a knife to a croc? He gonna eat well the day you do that! *snuff*

I don't like covering my neck and I think people who cover it because their throat makes them feel vulnerable need to wake_up_and_small_the_germs!!! Get real! We're animals and we're meant to be naked like the rest of 'em (naked=no clothes).

Let's make non-nudity illegal on beaches so we can watch all the necks!! *freak*

LS I prefer it when both parties are biting eachothers throats at the same time. 050614
jeudi Say throat and all I can think of is his cock in mine. New sensations, this new cock in my life, thick, fat....damn.

The way I feel to be back to sex again after such a long hiatus, back to being who I am.

There is no denying the sexual aspect of my being and how this man opens it up again. He whispers in my ear, tells me how to position myself, how to hold my mouth, either partially opened or partially closed and hearing his words makes me wish to comply.

He sometimes seems amazed at my willingness to play the games he thinks of for me. I can think of no better way to spend my time than in bed with him.

Thinking of him fucking me now....
what's it to you?
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