burden to abrasions, careless whispers, and the void of unfulfilled hope. The tower crumbles. The painted pony remains as miles of dust across the sapping evening. Purple. Stacked pennies. Sundays upstairs and going to bed much later than you should be. Making crescent rolls because you do not know what else to do. Seeing her and being afraid. Be yourself. Hah. That's where the gas runs out. You're a nice boy, but. But. Verbal arsenic. 010519
m_e the nicest compliment one can give is to let oneself be completely vulnerable with another person. it shows absolute trust, expresses affection. 010519
yoink the aforementioned is true, only when the non-vulnerable entity exists in a state of caring and love. otherwise, prepare to go on a long, "bad drive" 010519
burden Speaking from the podium, of course. 010519
recovering addict i've never let anyone hold me while i am crying...maybe that's why i ran away from you. 010519
me me 010521
marijuana marijuana 010911
bijou it's all right. opening to heal. 010911
Eidorb Wicca like the butterfly wings I found and pressed between the pages of a treasury of poetry. Dust all colours of the rainbow ready to be blown away to oblivion by fairy breath, so I was when he said he had lied. I stood up and was stong, I held fast as the winds of change washed over me, and then the draft from his closing the door on our love blew my ashes all over the room in which my soul still stands, alphabetising CDs. 011026
Sonya I sat there, vulnerable and waiting for what you would say next. With much hesitation I opened the door to me, the me that only a few will ever see. It was as if the sentiment being exchanged was more like a touch on my hair. It was a feeling that was so light, yet it could have lasted forever without either of us noticing.

I was vulnerable then, just as I am now. Little did I know I was not only vulnerable to pain, but also to being pulled into an illusion that could have killed me. I have since hid this jagged vulnerability. Now I'm just me.
girl_jane what I feel when I'm around him 020220
yeah. the most vunerable complete ever all touched expressed
just don’t stop
for once.
the killing me started
done without starting
don’t stop.
sterling625 vulnerable is what i am the very instant he touches me... when he holds me. he could crumble me and break with the simplest word or wrongful touch. he has me by my heart and vulnerable does not begin to describe how much he could burn me. i trust him though so i don't fear my vulnerability. i know that he loves me and in that i feel safe. everyone is vulnerable in some way... everyone. there is not a single person out there that does not have some sort of something that tears at them and makes them vulnerable. 030104
DavesHeroinGirl I am willing to let myself go. I disregard consequence, I slip away, because it seems so worth it. And why shouldn't transitions bring a bit of light anyway? Your voice opens me up. You let me in and fill me up and love me. Vulnerable is something I want to be more and more of with you. 030124
Syrope i want you to understand why i get angry, why i cry for no reason, why i struggle when you hold me, and why i can rarely fall asleep with you

maybe it's better this way
girl_jane heh-there really isn't a lot for me to explain here... 030426
joda I think everyone has their own insecurities.

I'm a little insecure about my career, actually. There are so many directions, but which should I take? I am loyal to this organization, yet I wonder if someday, it will fulfill all my needs.
Only if I can grow here, I suppose.

I guess I really need a plan, and so far, I've just been lucky. It won't last forever. That scares me. I tend to be afraid of my ideas, as if they won't work, and perhaps I need to be more proactive in achieveing what I initially set out to.

If I wasn't met with constant discouragement from the leadership, I might be more apt to explore.
celestias shadow when you are just about to kiss them, but take that one second to look at their face right before. you'll never see anyone more vulnerable than when they expect affection that takes just a second too long to arrive. 030903
omninico im lonely and cold.
i want to call him.
to call him.
but im afraid of his voice.
pete i've been hiding my vulnerablitiy since you took advantadge of it nearly 9 months ago 040723
IWishICouldGoWithDavid Oops. 050325
(_) stiff
as a board with my
hands flung up
in the air [this
is called surrender children
watch as her body takes over twitch
twitch so sad another one
succumbs to shaking now
see her fall]
please don't hurt pleasepleaseplease
with shoulders extended
vulnerable [oh so just kill me yeah
of course why not stab
my heart out never used it anyway
and it'd make a great museum
piece covered with dust
just like now]
head thrown back
crying yelling throat screams
sheer amount of power electricity
tips me over
f a l l [on my back
still trapped in my hysteria] c r a s h
b o o m [owowow shock]
powerless vulnerable here
please pleaseplease don't hurt [this
is called desperation]
Bespeckled This word is infinitely easier to
right, read, pronounce and say
than it is to swallow.
Bespeckled This word is infinitely easier to
write, read, pronounce and say
than it is to swallow.
Soma I think this is the hardest lesson I've learned in the past few years. It's pretty terrifying, allowing yourself to be completely honest with someone. Living with no_lies. 170909
unhinged genuine_heart_of_sadness

building the cocoon to shield from vulnerability
Risen Raw, cut wide open.

Constantly bereaved. Always grieving.

Abandoned. Amputated. Alone.

Silent. Stoic.

unhinged 170922
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